Annual Maintenance Cost Or AMC For ERP Packages
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ERP packages should be selected after a proper evaluation for a successful implementation. To know the exact cost, consider annual maintenance cost of the ERP package.

Enterprise Resource Planning packages should be selected after a proper evaluation for a successful implementation. The cost of an ERP implementation depends on many factors like the software license, resources, hardware required, implementation time, training, testing, customization, maintenance, etc. Some of the indirect costs can vary in every case. Annual maintenance cost for ERP packages is not less but it is important for system checks and upgrades.

Companies need to negotiate the annual maintenance costs by analyzing the future maintenance needs and put a price on it accordingly. The future requirements are based on historical and business data. A third party can get expensive in long term. To reduce the IT expense, one does not have to resort to cutting the expense on annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. Annual maintenance is required as the companies only use about 80% of the features of the software.

Annual maintenance is needed as the servers get outdates and the database gets old. There are newer operating systems used and the new version aid in updating certain issues. Also the new versions will need support and upgrades in future. Sometimes the applications may not work in the right manner and new systems may be required. Rather than going in for expensive new system, annual maintenance for ERP packages would be preferable.

The annual maintenance cost for ERP packages normally is about twenty percent and very few take more than that. This can be negotiated by the company and set a price in advance. If the costs increase in future, this method may be advantageous. The costs also depends on the number of users as some vendors may charge for new users added and others may charge according to the number of transactions.

Many companies are looking to save money and so think of cutting down costs like the annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. But continuing the ERP operations without the support depends on the system. If the system is not up to date with the market versions, it may affect the business when the customer numbers grow and the demands grow. New requirements may need new technology and updates.

To keep up with the pace of the growing needs and changes, upgrades are necessary. Old and outdated systems would not be able to cope up with the changes and demands. This might result in failure of the system and lead to implementation of a new system which would be a costly affair. Therefore annual maintenance cost for ERP packages should be considered seriously. The quality of maintenance and development is also important.

The Enterprise Resource Planning packages are normally customized to fit the organization and therefore the changes made should also be done accordingly. All measures should be taken to ensure good quality services when one pays high annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. If you negotiate the costs, make sure the vendor does not cut down on the quality of the services. It is better to find an ERP provider who offers updates and services at reasonable maintenance costs.

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