Ansar Burney Deported On Arrival In India
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Former Pakistan Human Rights Minister and noted Human Rights activist Ansar Burney was deported on arrival in India.

He was put on a flight to Dubai immediately after his arrival. According to sources, it was done on the instructions from Union Home Ministry. The Home Ministry had issued a look-out circular against Burney.

Burney, who helped in the release of Indian prisoner Kashmir Singh and assured help in the release of Sarbajit Singh, was to attend a 2-day conference in India. Burney expressed shock and surprise at this development. Further details are awaited.

Senior officials will apologise to Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney who was refused entry into Delhi on Friday night and told to fly back to Dubai from the airport.

He had recently secured the release of Indian death row prisoner Kashmir Singh and is still working to save Sarabjit Singh from the gallows. Burney has said that he is shocked at being turned away by India.

On Monday, it was said that there was a 'lookout notice' on Burney but the Home Ministry and Foreign Ministry say they don't know why he was sent back.

''You should ask for explanation from India government. The people of India should ask for explanation. It is embarrassing for India,'' said Ansar Burney, Humans Rights Acitivist.

Embarrassed, the Home Ministry described the incident as regrettable and said he is most welcome.

The Home Ministry has said this could have been avoided if they had known of his plans. The ministry also said that Burney was not deported, he was sent back due to inadequacy in travel documents.

Just a few weeks ago, when Burney visited India, he was given a warm welcome for his role in the save Sarabjit campaign, the Indian prisoner who's facing a death sentence in Pakistan.

''We are ascertaining the details from the Home Ministry,'' said Anand Sharma, Minister of State for External Affairs.

Burney had flown in from London to attend a seminar on terrorism, at the invitation of Syed Yahya Bukhari, president of Jama Masjid United Forum. A witness to the drama at the airport on Friday night, Bukhari said, ''the least India can do now is to say sorry''.

''It's obvious. You should apologise after all he is your friend,'' said Syed Yahya Bukhari, President, Jama Masjid United Forum.

For now, the Pakistani government has been silent about the whole affair.



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