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Older people are afraid to get wrinkles. There are some steps you can take to prevent wrinkles and even reduce them.

In the summer, sometimes like everyone in the sun: the beach, pool or relax on your private terrace. Although it is important that you protected your skin from the sun. It is important to note that sunscreen the skin will never fully protect against UV rays, so burning is still possible.

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How much protection should you just use it to protect the skin? This is valued using a factor: the higher the factor of the sunscreen, the more protection it will offer. The factor that you need will depend on your skin, when the sunscreen, the time of day and weather.

As many reasons to play it is difficult to determine exactly which factor is ideal for protecting the skin. The factor will have a directive to give the protection provided. As previously mentioned, no sunscreen can provide full protection, not even the highest factor. To give an example: a factor of 15 for three hours you will reasonably protect against sunburn, while a risk factor 30 + sunscreen will halve over the same period.

10 steps to prevent and reduce wrinkles:

• Avoid exposure to the Sun. Wear white and light colors and a hat when you go out. Let not the sun bed. The solarium can do more damage than the Sun • Avoid environmental pollutants. Ozone, smoke and gasoline are examples of substances that cause the skin ages faster. • Start an anti-aging program. There are many products on the market that make your skin thicker and less risk of wrinkles. • Do not smoke. Also second-hand smoke is dangerous. Withdraws the oxygen and nutrients from the body and increases the number of radicals in the cells of the body. These radicals are responsible for skin aging. • Wear sunglasses. It is the best way to thin delicate skin around your eyes to protect against UV rays. • Sleep on your back. If you sleep on your stomach with your face pressed against the pillow, you can get in your face sleep lines that can carry out wrinkles. Satin pillows also help well against wrinkles. • Provide sufficient exercise. It makes your cardiovascular system running smoothly and this is good for the skin of oxygen. • Eat a nutritious, anti-aging diet. Drink plenty of water and tea and make sure your daily eating enough fruits and vegetables. Eat three times a week salmon or other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as herring, mackerel, trout or tuna. Food is very important for aging because it breaks a lot of oxygen, vitamins and minerals. • Avoid processed foods and sugar. They contain chemicals that make your skin age quickly. • Avoid stress. If you have stress, your body produces cortical, a hormone that makes you age faster. Do you suffer from chronic stress? Go to yoga, sing, take a walk, meditate ... do everything to the stress.

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