Anti Aging Medicines And Foods And Diet For Anti Aging
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Anti Aging tips helps us to know what the effective ways to slow down aging procedure are. Who likes graying and reducing hairline, wrinkled face, protrude belly and above all flawed memory?

The best and most natural anti aging remedy known to man or woman, is incorporating raw foods into your diet. Whole, raw, organic foods are directly accountable for reversing the aging process, while keeping us extremely healthy and free from sickness and disease.

Anti Aging Tips


A good hair style can literally take years off your appearance. Contrary to what many people think, longer hair as you get older does not make you look younger. It actually adds years on to your appearance. If you can't remember the last time you changed your hairstyle, it's time!


Stand up straight! Think about the sexy women that you know - they have something in common. They stand up straight and confidently. Good posture can make you look 10 years younger and lighter too.


Having nice teeth can do plenty to improve your youthful appearance. A bright smile makes your entire face look younger and vibrant. Good dental hygiene is also important for your health. Problems with your gums and teeth can also have an adverse effect on other organs in your body so it's important to visit the dentist ever y 6 months and follow the dentist's recommendations on keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Skin Appearance

As we grow older the skin loses its moisture and elasticity. Stick to a good skin care regime, morning and night, every day. It's very possible to look younger than your years with the right skin care products.


As we age, some of us tend to use too much makeup to hide our aging skin. Don't overdo it with the makeup! It makes you look older, not younger. Using a facial foundation primer before applying makeup can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A magnified makeup mirror helps to apply makeup more precisely!

Sun Exposure

The sun is the #1 reason for prematurely aging skin. It's never too late to start using sun protection. Take preventive measures to protect your skin by limiting sun exposure, using sunscreen, hats and protective clothing, and avoiding sun beds and tanning salons.

Avoid Smoking!

Aside from damaging your overall health, cigarette smoking is also one of the main causes of wrinkles, particularly around your mouth. If you want to stay wrinkle-free, throw away those sticks and quit smoking!

Proper Nutrition.

Are you sure that what you are eating is good for you or do you still enjoy snacking on junk food? Eating natural foods such vegetables, fruits, and fish gives you more energy and helps make you feel and look younger. Remember, you are what you eat and what you eat is reflected on your skin.

What are anti aging raw foods?

They include uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains as well as raw food powders, olive oils, seasonings, spices, and nutritious seaweeds. There are now all kinds of delicious, incredible healthy meals that can be put together very easily with these foods.

Food such as raw nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds, seaweed, barley greens and olive oil are said to help with regeneration, which is when pretend cells are stronger than the dead ones being replaced. An anti aging diet is also high on antioxidants, foods with omega 3 fatty acids and fruit and vegetables

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