Anti Aging Tips And Guide To Look Younger With These Anti Aging Tips
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Although there are many different methods of anti aging that are complicated and not well known, there are also some very simple anti aging tips that you can follow that will help keep you from aging too fast. By following simple tips such as wearing sunscreen, drinking a lot of water, eating fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, and avoiding harmful addictions, you can slow the aging process to a much slower rate.

Here are a few ways that can help you reverse or delay the appearance of wrinkles:

  1. Avoid the sun: Dozens of studies have demonstrated the effect of sunlight on aging. A study on monozygotic twins showed that sun exposure is even more important than heredity. People who have had limited exposure to the sun, had fewer wrinkles and looked younger overall than their siblings who were sun worshipers. If you need to go out in the sun, you should always wear sunscreen to protect you from skin cancer and help you avoid wrinkles.
  1. Get enough sleep: When we don't get enough sleep the body produces excess cortisone, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. By getting adequate sleep your body will produce more growth hormone that helps your face remain firm and be less vulnerable to wrinkles.

  2. Eat more fish and especially salmon: Salmon is a great source of protein and omega -3 fatty acids. Fatty acids can help you look youthful and reduce wrinkles.

  3. Eat more soy: Studies have shown that certain properties of soy may help protect or treat damage from sunlight. In a recent study published at the 'European Journal of Nutrition', researchers announced that a soy-based substitute improved the skin texture of individuals considerably after six months of use.

  4. Choose cocoa instead of coffee: In a study published in the journal 'Nutrition', scientists found that cocoa contains high levels of dietary flavonoids, which help protect the skin from solar radiation, improve the functions of cells, increase hydration and make the skin look smoother.

  5. Do not forget water: As we age, our skin becomes thinner and drier. Drinking plenty of water can help you keep the skin hydrated and full. Try to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals and can also protect you from UV radiation. Try to eat a lot of tomatoes that are rich in biotin and vitamin C and green leafy vegetables and almonds for vitamin E.

  7. If your skin is oily and you want to have a young and fresh look, using avocado will prove to be of great help. For the purpose, all you need to do is apply the avocado, be it in the form of pulp or slices, on your face. Wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Finally, one of the most important anti aging tips is to avoid stress and get enough rest. You need to have 8 hours per sleep a night if possible, but that is not the extent of the rest you need. You also need to have several hours of relaxation per day to help you get rid of the stresses that are wearing on you, which is a very important aspect of feeling and looking younger.

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