Anushka Takes Decisions On Bed
Ragini Khanna • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Anushka Takes Decisions On Bed

"Sleep on it". This proverb means that when taking a decision do not get tensed and just have a good sleep and later decide on it. Now Anushka seema ro follow it religiously. Her friends say that when it comes to making important decisions, Anushka is not one to be even remotely hasty. She takes the idea to bed! She sleeps for a solid ten hours before passing her verdict because she truly believes that only a rested mind can make the best choice!

he pretty girl says that she loves to immerse herself in work completely but whenever she gets a break, she would like to use the spare time for shopping and observing the latest trends of fashion. However, she reveals that most of her time is catered for sleep and even if she just stretches herself in a chair, she gets sleep in a jiffy.


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