Anxiety Causes And Symptoms And Treatment For Stress Relief And Anxiety Disorder
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In this world of cut-throat competition, rising workload and pressing deadlines, stress has become almost inevitable. The pressure to perform, whether in school, college or office, is so high that stress often reaches the level of anxiety.

In such cases, even the slightest of trigger can make you feel extremely nervous and restless, leading to great damage to your mental as well as physical health. In the following lines, we have provided some natural remedies that can serve as the perfect treatment for anxiety. Just go through them and explore the way to a balanced, stress-free life.

  • Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and mediation are sure to provide relief from anxiety. Everyday, twenty to thirty minutes session will provide relaxation to your mind and body. A body massage or hair massage will soothe your body and improve the blood circulation. This will surely provide some relief from anxiety.

    • Regular Workouts: One of the easiest and simplest ways is the regular workout. Certain exercises and walk provide you with mental satisfaction. Regular workout not only keeps your body and soul healthy, but even aids in relaxing your mind. The regular workout leads to the secretion of serotonin, a chemical by the brain. This leads to the activation of the munificent and pleasant senses. If you spend some time playing your favourite sport, it will surely help you combat the anxiety disorder.
  • Nutritious Diet: You can also fight against anxiety disorder by having a nutritious diet. There are few herbs, which are quite relaxing for both mind and body. If these herbs are included in your daily diet, then the level of anxiety drops considerably.

  • Herbs: Few of the herbs which are useful are balm, hops, thyme, cloves, orange blossom wood betony, lavender, chamomile and skullcap. Green vegetables like spinach and almonds are quite rich of magnesium, which is a good stress buster.

  • Healthy Social Life: Try and keep yourself busy. Never sit idle, as it permits your mind to waver in the dark regions. Keep yourself busy with your family and friends. A healthy social life will keep you active and fun filled. Plan out for a movie or go for some exhibition. Never hesitate to speak your heart and mind. Things which are left unsaid bring unhappiness and anxiety. Plan a family weekend getaway. This will fill your heart with new energy and enthusiasm.

  • Mental Satisfaction: Devote some time to a social cause. This will give you a mental satisfaction and get over your anxiety. Go to some orphanage or an old age home. Spend time with them and make a difference in their life. Playing with your pet brings a smile on your face. If you don’t have a pet, get one of your choices and spend time with it.

  • Hot Water Bath: The other home remedy to fight against anxiety is the hot water bath. It reforms your way of thinking and make you a satisfied person. You can even take Ashwagnadha or Winter Cherry which soothes the nerves of the mind and relaxes the mind. This is a shrub which has the properties of anti-depressant. The shrub not only fights anxiety but also low works against immunity and osteoarthritis.

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