Are Herbal Remedies For Acne Really Effective?
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Acne is a common skin disorder with especially a high impact on the psychological level. Read this article to know effective herbal remedies for acne.

The acne is a skin disorder with especially a high impact on the psychological level, as people suffering of acne have the tendency to isolate themselves from the community and from common social activities.

Besides the obvious usual recommendation of consulting a dermatologist, there are also several herbal remedies which proved to have a benefic effect and that can be easily used at home:

The lavender: Prepare an infusion tea by pouring 100 ml boiling water over 5 grams of lavender, which you can then apply to the skin with a gauze or a small towel.

Rosemary: The rosemary plant should be left to macerate for 30 days and then the filtered liquid can be used to clean the face; it is advisable to wash the face first with water, for any impurities and dead skin to be removed.

Butterbur: You can either use the juice obtained from the fresh roots or boil the butterbur in 200 ml water. The boiled solution will have to be left to cool at room temperature, filtered and then applied on the skin for 30 minutes.

Marigold: 10 ml marigold tincture will be poured into 100 ml water (boiled and cooled, the water needs to be at room temperature) and then to be applied on the concerned areas.

Wine leaves: The sap obtained during spring time from cutting the offshoots of the plant can be used by applying it directly on the skin

Nettle: Make an infusion from 50 gm dried leaves and 100 ml boiled water; cover the solution for 30 minutes then filter and use it for washing the face. This will help you in treating the acne.

Compressions with chamomile infusion - or the chamomile tea bags from the infusion can be used.

Basil: The skin is cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in basil infusion. Add 2, 3 tea spoons of dried basil leaves in one mug with hot water. Cover and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes, filter and use the warm infusion obtained.

White cabbage: You can either wash the face with a cotton pad soaked in the cabbage juice or, if you find it easier, apply cataplasms with the scalded cabbage leaves directly.

Try one of these methods in the comfort of your own home and let nature help you. Give a chance to the wonderful herbal remedies with draining and healing properties to prove their effects well known for thousands of years. You can also try herbal supplements Golden Glow capsules to treat acne from the root without any side effects.

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