Arteriosclerosis Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedies And Diet For Arteriosclerosis
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Arteriosclerosis refers to the thickening of the walls of the arteries. It has become a common ailment in modem times, accounting for much of the disability and high death rate, more so among older people. Arteriosclerosis is usually preceded by atherosclerosis, a kind of fatty infiltration in the inner lining of the blood vessel walls. The most risky places for such degeneration are the coronary vessels of the heart and the arteries of the brain. Arteriosclerosis results in the loss of elasticity of the blood vessels and a narrowing of the smaller arteries, which interferes with the free circulation of the blood.

Causes of Arteriosclerosis or Atherosclerosis 1. High blood cholesterol 2. Cigarette or tobacco smoking in any form 3. High triglycerides 4. High blood pressure (hypertension) 5. Physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyle

  1. Hereditary
  2. Obesity or overweight
  3. Gender (men are more affected)
  4. Diabetes mellitus
  5. Dietary changes (overeating of high fat and calorie diet)

Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis After crossing the age of thirty, make it a point to go for regular health checks. Vitamin C is also very good for the treatment of arteriosclerosis. Orange juice & lemon juice are very good source of vitamin C. These juices are produced bile acids from cholesterol & therefore prevent arteries narrowing down. Parsley is also good with respect to the treatment of blood vessels choked. Include parsley in your diet for fast relief of atherosclerosis.

Start your daily exercise that will keep you fit & also help in reducing stress levels in the body. Beet juice is also effective in eliminating the form of calcium accumulated in the blood vessels. Smoking is not good & should also avoid smoking. Smoking causes hypertension, which is 1 of the main reasons behind getting choked blood vessels. Eating apples also has several advantages, 1 of which is to cure atherosclerosis. Drink a glass of water & add a teaspoon of lemon juice & a teaspoon of honey. Drink this solution for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Honey is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Carrot juice & spinach juice also reduces the form of calcium accumulated in the clogged arteries & atherosclerosis cures.

DIET FOR ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Include garlic and onion in the meals daily. Spinach can also be taken. Brewers yeast also reduces cholesterol. Oat bran heals arteriosclerosis. The best diet for arteriosclerosis is dried hawthorn berries. Boil these berries and consume before meals. Soy based foods like tofu is a good diet for arteriosclerosis.

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