Arthritis Causes And Symptoms And Essential Tips To Cure Arthritis
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Arthritis is the disease of the skeletal system generally affecting people in the age group 60-65.Arthritis literally means inflammation of joint.

What causes arthritis?

There is a shock absorbing tissue called cartilage in the joints that covers the ends of the bones to facilitate smooth movement of bones over each other.A healthy cartilage is thick enough to absorb the shock of the movement.When the cartilage is worn out or becomes thin,the bones rub against each other causing inflammation and pain.

In due course the joint may lose it's shape and small bone growths called bone spurs can form at the edges of the bones.Pieces of cartilage can break off and drop into the joint space causing more pain.

5 tips to Cure Arthritis Naturally

  1. Eat fresh! You should eat as many foods that you can that are raw and fresh. By giving up preservatives and additives you can actually prevent future arthritis flare-ups. Arthritis prevention is always the best treatment for arthritis.
  2. Switch to water! If you give up coffee, soft drinks and even alcohol, you will feel like you are 10 years younger in 3 weeks. I guarantee it will be a difficult 3 weeks of withdrawal to get there though. You might want to try to wean yourself off of these through slowly working yourself off the sugar and caffeine.
  3. Lower your sugar intake. Most arthritic symptoms are associated with high levels of sugar.
  4. Enriched is bad! Stop eating foods with white flour because of the adverse effects of the 'enriching' process. Start reading the labels.
  5. Deer velvet. Have you heard about the regenerating powers of a supplement that can actually rebuild your cartilage and cure arthritis naturally?

What is arthritis cure?

  1. There is no known arthritis cure but only supportive care to reduce pain and to delay the progression of the disease. The following tips may help.
  2. Consume more fish oil since it contains omega-3 fatty acids which have anti inflammatory properties and may ease the pain.
  3. Add lots of vegetables to your diet such as tomato,carrots,spinach which contain lots of vitamin-c and beta-carotene which might help in slowing down the progession of the disease.Take vitamin-e and vitamin-d supplements.
  4. Exercise regularly after consulting your doctor.It is found that brisk walking and jogging actually helps in controlling the disease.
  5. Join support group to get support and advice.
  6. Above all, be positive and face the challenge boldly.
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