Arthritis Pain Treatment And Remedies - Relieve Pain And Inflammation Of The Joints
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Pain treatment is not same for every person and for every arthritic condition; rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are chronic conditions which may last a lifetime whereas few conditions of infectious arthritis may subside with the infection. Most types of arthritis can cause pain which can be chronic or acute. Acute pain occurs temporarily and subsides in some time but chronic pain can be mild to severe in nature and may continue for weeks, months and even a lifetime.

Usually chronic pain associated with arthritis condition needs to be managed by proper treatments as chronic pain not only affects the person physically but also emotionally, socially, psychologically and occupationally. Doctor workout a pain management plan for their patients suffering with chronic arthritis pain according to their type of arthritis and physical capacity.

Allopathic medicines like NSAID are recommended for pain relief during the flares, these medicines help in maintaining necessary movement of the body and particularly joints for reduced duration of the flare and lesser discomfort. But side effects of such medicines are not completely discovered yet so prolonged use of such medicines may not be advisable.

Herbal treatment, massages, therapies and dietary changes are safer ways, free of side effects and effective to manage arthritis pain. Herbs like ginger, licorice, alfalfa, nettle leaves and devil’s claw are few herbs those are recommended for treating arthritis and its symptoms. Few remedies have been developed which are easy to use and provide sufficient relief from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis like tying warm mustard oil spread over madar leaf and consumption of egg plants baked, mashed and fried in castor oil and coriander, cumin seed, garlic, and salt mixed with it once in a day.

Light exercises chosen with medical advice are immensely helpful in arthritis pain treatment. Exercises may not be helpful always in providing immediate relief but they can certainly helpful in prolonging the remissions of disease and reducing the duration of flares. Massages at the affected parts with any herbal supplement or medicinal oil can provide immediate relief from pain and inflammation and is also beneficial for long term treatment of arthritis pain. Cayenne cream is popularly used for immediate pain relief as it has capsaicin which acts as NSAID and inhibits the signals of pain to the brain. This cream can be used in acute pain and inflammation caused by any type of arthritis.

Therapies like hydrotherapy and hot water therapies are good for preventing arthritis pain and also for treating it. These therapies focus on increasing the movement of the joints and promoting blood flow to recover the damage caused by the disease. These therapies improve range of movement, endurance and strengthen the joints or affected part for controlling the intensity of flares.

A proper arthritis pain treatment can be worked out by choosing any suitable pain relieving method be it herbal or massage or therapy and focusing on maintaining the movement and activity of the affected parts by exercising. By working out such a regimen one can drastically reduce arthritis pain and its intensity which certainly helps in the treatment of the disease.

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