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Their findings show that the most effective diet to lose weight is the low-fat and high in carbohydrates. Better even than those who counsel reducing caloric intake or fat only.

Apparently, these works showed that obese people tend to consume more fat and less carbohydrate. Part of this behavior is based on overweight people show a natural appetite for fat, which sometimes may be due to family traditions, although there is a genetic condition. To verify that the diet is effective and really what is being lost not only fat but fluid, it can use a body fat meter.

Healthy eating begins with knowing how to eat wisely, not just what you eat but how you do it. Watch what you eat and choose your meals that are low in calories but delicious help you support a good diet. Here you pass some tips to improve the impact of your diet to lose weight quickly:

Weight Loss Tips: -

• The diet should be varied. Do not forget any food group. Food has to be balanced. The rule is not to abuse the amount of calorie and unhealthy food. • The system should be smooth. Diets that promise quick loss of many kilos a week, eventually produce health problems and recover the lost kilos. The healthiest thing is to lose between half and one kilo per week. • Distribute meals five times daily. There is an important meal to skip. Two meals must be consistent and three lighter. • The breakfast has to be strong. The best breakfast contributes between 20 and 25% of daily energy intake. • There have dinner soon. At least two hours before bedtime. At night, the metabolism slows and food builds up as fat more easily. • Water is fundamental. You have to drink a lot, about two liters per day. The water keeps the line because it has no calories. • Cook just. Rations should be weighed. The leftovers are a dangerous temptation. • The salt should disappear. Eating the same foods without salt and losing weight gain in health. Without changing power is lost volume. • Use olive oil in food. One tablespoon per day provides no calories and helps you stay healthy for its monounsaturated fatty acids. • The amount of food ingested to be minors. To lose weight should reduce the number of daily calories. • Fats are enemies of the diet. They provide too many calories. We therefore recommend steamed, grilled and use the microwave. The natural food is healthier and also maintains essential vitamins and minerals from food. • Do not obsess with the scale. Must be weighed without clothing once weekly and fasting. Losing weight is a progressive achievement. • Do not snack between meals. Do between meals all you get is to store fat and pulls out all the efforts to implement the diet. If you can not help it, it's best to eat pieces of fruit, nonfat yogurt that calm hunger without consuming calories. • Limit consumption of alcohol. The spirits have enough calories. We must avoid ingestion, especially after eating.

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