Asperger's Syndrome Symptoms And Difficulty Sleeping
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A new report on children with Asperger Syndrome has confirmed that they often have difficulty obtaining the quality and quantity of sleep they need. The study was conduction by Oliviero Bruni, MD of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders. The Centre is located at the University La Sapienza in Italy. The study included eight children with Asperger's, ten with autism and 12 children without developmental delays.

Parents of children participating in the study completed a questionnaire on sleep patterns of their children. They were also asked to fill what is known as the Day Sleepiness Scale in children. This is used to determine whether daytime sleepiness is related to school performance


• They also provided information for the diagnosis of autism comments list and then be asked to fill out a Child Behavior Checklist • Children in the study took the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for assessment of children and participated in a sleep study.

Characteristics of Asperger syndrome

The assessment should be completed by a physician and / or psychiatric specialist to determine if the patient has Asperger's. The following symptoms are well known as the characteristics of the condition:

Problems with social skills, such as lack of empathy and sympathy for others, non-spontaneous, problems making friends, the problem with eye contact and gestures toward others, and problems with talking about progress and setbacks in social settings.

Repetition and the restriction are tobehaviour and activities. One area of interest could be the main focus of a child or adult with Asperger syndrome, with the theme to draw attention away from it. Children and adults are restless and uncompromising; if you’re daily routine has changed.

Young people with Asperger syndrome tend not to have delays in speech. However, have abnormal speech.

Sensory experiences may be totally different in people with Asperger syndrome called sensory integration dysfunction. Be sensitive to sound and light are common in individuals with Asperger's.

Motor development may be delayed. Motor skills are affected, creating simple tasks difficult, such as the elimination of a jar or tying shoes.

Check out the following: -

• Animus all changes in daily routines. • You can not make eye contact or looking directly at anyone. • They want rules and routine black and white, and do everything the same way every time, and the world does not allow that. • They do not understand why they have so much trouble to communicate with others and why some have so much trouble to understand them.

These seemingly small and insignificant changes had a significant impact on your ability to concentrate and be productive at work, as well as your overall Asperger. As always, this is an illustration of home modifications that were made in a particular case. This does not mean that all Asperger syndromes are right hemisphere functional deficiency of left vestibular origin and should be treated and prescribing modifications house. These types of changes should be done only with proper medical supervision.

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