Asthma Treatment And Natural Herbal Solution For Asthma
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Asthma (AZ-ma) is a chronic (long-term) lung illness that inflames and narrows the airways.

Asthma causes returning periods of out of breath (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tension, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or near the beginning in the morning.

What do each of these persons have in common: First, an 18-year-old suddenly develops wheezing and smallness of breath when visiting his grandmother, who happens to have a cat. Second, a 30-year-old woman has colds that "always go into her chest," causing coughing and difficulty breathing.

Lastly, 60-year-old men develop shortness of breath with only slight exertion even though he has never smoked. The answer is that they all have asthma. These are some of the many faces of asthma.

To reach this goal, you should actively partner with your doctor to manage your asthma or your child's asthma. Children aged 10 or older—and younger children who are able—also should take an energetic role in their asthma care.

Taking an active role to control your asthma involves working with your doctor and other clinicians on your health care team to create and track an asthma action plan.

It also means avoiding factors that can make your asthma flare up and treating other conditions that can get in the way with asthma management.

Asthma is a disease of the airways of the lungs which is characterized by increased sensitivity of the airways to a variety of triggers. It is generally an episodic disease, i.e., acute attacks followed by symptom free periods.

Though most attacks are generally short lived, sometimes serious conditions occur in which severe Asthma is constant for many hours or even days, like in status asthmaticus.

Asthma Treatment

  1. Take a steam inhalation of eucalyptus or lavender essential oils just during an attack and immediately afterwards to ease panic and help open airways. It is very common natural cure for asthma.

  2. Mix one tsp fresh ginger juice with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey. This mixture is very effective home remedy for asthma.

  1. Make a glass of juice by adding 2/3 glass of carrot juice and 1/3 glass of spinach juice. Take it thrice a day for asthma relief.

  2. Make a mixture of 1/4 cup of onion juice, 1 teaspoon honey and 1/8 teaspoon black pepper. It gives immediate relief from congestion and alleviate breathlessness.

  3. Boil 8-10 cloves of garlic in ½ cup of milk and drink it at night. It is beneficial for early stages of asthma.

Home Remedies for Asthma

The patient should perspire through steam bath, hot footbath, hot hipbath and sunbath as this will stimulate the skin and relieve congested lungs.

Honey is considered highly advantageous in the treatment of asthma. At the time of asthma attack a jug full of honey should be placed under the nose of patient, within few minutes the patient would start breathing easily.

One can also mix 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of water and have it 3 times a day. This is very good home remedy for asthma.

The patient should be known garlic cloves boiled in thirty grams of milk daily. Good Home Remedy for asthma.

Steaming ginger tea with minced garlic cloves should be given twice a day (morning and evening). This asthma remedy is good natural remedy for asthma.

A teaspoonful of turmeric concentrate with a glass of milk 2-3 times a day is recommended. It is highly beneficial when taken empty stomach. This remedy is also careful as good home remedies for asthma.

During the attack mustard oil mixed with little camphor is supposed to be massaged over the back of the chest. Effective Home Remedy for asthma

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