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What kind of foolishness is astrology? You read about Sun Signs in the paper and you can see almost every sign says something ambiguous or relevant in some general way. Surely no real science or serious people ever believed such foolishness. Yet all your heroes from the past were believers! Even Ronald Reagan and others of today order their lives according to astrological implications. I don't and never have, but that is because I have studied the field in great depth. It isn't just astrology that is at work or through which the forces interact with all life on the planet. The palm, the foot and the head or facial make-up can be read to see what effect may have determined some of how a person will approach life. The hand has all the astrological knowledge available 'right in the palm of your' as they say. The mount of the Moon and the girdle of Venus (should you be so lucky to have one) are there along with Saturnine and Mercurious deflected energy.

The concepts of quantum physical or astrophysical 'Dark Energy' and 'Dark Matter' that are now proven to comprise 95% of all energy in the known universe have a lot of application in knowing how the lines or other physiogamy-related affects occur. The alchemical gradual build-up of impacts and energy over long periods of time in incremental fluctuation and cyclical change are involved. The advent of human knowledge of these emotional and physical changes that include the female menses aligned with the moon and tides; probably began when we were the evolutionary kin of porpoises who come from the wolf-like creatures who bayed and howled at the moon or during eclipses, huddled in caves. Man is capable of understanding the universe and he certainly needs to understand his own personal attributions and emotional or spiritual aspects and influences. Is it hard to imagine he might have some interior responses to the energy that surrounds him from the earth and the stars?

When I told my father face-reading predicted he would die at the age of 65, I had no idea it would be so accurate. We put him in the arms of the cosmos one day after his 65th birthday and just two weeks after he had passed a complete medical in order to continue working past retirement. I stopped foretelling death after two other people of import in my life were able to hear about the hereafter from me before they died. I had told my father how to exercise control over the forces in order to allow Free Will to triumph. He was ready to go and died as he wanted but even more importantly - where he wanted. In the bosom of nature at our cottage on Lake Weslemkoon, while working on building the dock. You should see the dock my brother John built around the living shrine he feels this place where he and my father spent so many hours together, truly is. His wife thinks god died and went to Weslemkoon, I think.

So sun signs have a place in the common culture of bars and other meeting places but what more is there to astrology. Sun signs are as important as rising signs and no more so. If the two are not of the same category such as earth, air, fire and water then they might operate in opposition to each other or take precedence according to other aspects such as planetary influences. The House your moon is in is almost as influential as the 'sun sign' and rising sign. It is of little value to read a newspaper horoscope unless you are a triple fire sign or triple water sign, etc. An ephemeral chart if you work one through by yourself will give you some depth insight to yourself that will amaze you. There are books developed to help you do this by sun sign, and it helps to know the time of day you were born. In Czechoslovakia during the 1960s medical astrology was used as effectively as any other birth control method and with less negative side effects or other difficulties. It probably sounds like 'epistemological indeterminism' to most who have little experience with psychic or psi effects. But we must remember our science and education is as biased against these things as previous social structures were biased for these things. Fortunately the people who have supported psychic reality have been vindicated and the soul might now be given some opportunity to grow and develop at some point. The event that was central to some scientific proof was the speed of light or its supposed absoluteness that science was wrong about. This happened in the last year at Princeton where they produced 300X the speed of light in a cesium chamber. Before that the work of Thomas Bearden had come close by providing predictable and replicable results.

Now we expect to see more atheists and died in the wool 'Toilet Philosophers' or people who only live for the moment and themself, to start showing a little compassion and 'Brotherhood'. It may take more time than humanity has on earth unfortunately. Frank Tipler is a Professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University who wrote The Physics of Immortality. He was a verifiable closed-minded atheist who proved the existence of God to his own satisfaction through purely scientific means. He still is without any great understanding of the psi sciences, or at least he was when he wrote this book in 1994. As long as people listen to 'experts' rather than their soul we are not likely to achieve the quantum leap of creative harmonic potential that Divine Providence allows.

What do you think about letting the stars determine our leaders? To some extent this was the case in New Grange and Crete. Venus was the anointing force in its heavenly cycle, and a new king was invested, by common consent of the people in both these Keltic domains that some historians would have you believe weren't even in touch with each other. When Joseph Campbell saw the worn knee spots in the stone at New Grange and learned the event was the same in both places he saw the import of this most important common custom. It is possible that a person might be able to attune his soul to heavenly vibrations and thus act according to some higher wisdom.



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