Astrology As Match Maker
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Astrology as Match Maker

The fundamental purpose of any marriage is to carry on the lineage in a manner which increases the material and spiritual prosperity of the couple within the norms of social behaviors.

In order to identify the compatibility factors, the Match Maker is used. The Match Maker or the Kundali Milapak is a unique, ancient system of Vedic Astrology which specifies an 8-fold test of horoscope to match a man and a woman’s charts for marriage.

It compares certain important aspects of the natal chart with the Moon sign as the primary factor in the chart.

The Match Maker is intended to identify the key areas of compatibility and incompatibility so that a clear picture is obtained about whether the relationship will succeed or not.

The eight tests which are conducted in the Match Maker are as follows.

(1) Mental Compatibility (Varna)

(2) Power compatibility (Vasya)

(3) Birth Star Compatibility (Tara)

(4) Physical and sexual compatibility (Yoni)

(5) Planetary Harmony (Grahamaitri)

(6) Compatibility of nature (Gana)

(7) Compatibility between Zodiac Moon signs (Bhakut)

(8) Compatibility between Life forces (Nadi)

Each test has different maximum points that can be achieved. On the whole, the full 8-fold test yields a maximum score of 36 points.

The minimum score for a reasonable match is 16 and for any scores below 16, marriages are not recommended.



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