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ARIES: Chooses the best chocolates for themselves and leaves the leftover's for everyone else.

TAURUS: Likes the chocolates with the soft center.

GEMINI: Chooses their chocolates by pushing their finger in first.

CANCER: Tends to eat their chocolates with a big smile on their face.

LEO: Wants to be in charge of the chocolates.

VIRGO: Makes sure the chocolates are clean then only eats half a chocolate and leaves the rest stored in the fridge for months.

LIBRA: One box for them and one box for you.

SCORPIO: Likes to lick the chocolates.

SAGITTARIUS: Likes French chocolates.

CAPRICORN: Wants only the best and most expensive chocolates.

AQUARIUS: Not big into chocolates.

PISCES: Likes to share the chocolates around.


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  • Guest 10 years ago
    I love the idea behind this! However as a Scorpio who LOVES her chocolate, i'm afraid to say a lick is not enough! Maybe I'll hang around some Piscians & share theirs...