Attack-Plans On 'Rayalaseema Hotels'
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Till date, the target has been those who hail from the Andhra region and their establishments were attempted to be ransacked by the Telangana agitators. But now, they are reportedly targeting the establishments of those who hail from the Rayalaseema region.

It is heard that for today’s bandh, the T-goons are said to be looking at Rayalaseema hotels that have flourished very well in the recent past in the capital city. The idea is to cause mayhem and destroy the furniture and cause inconvenience to the Rayalaseema people settled in Hyderabad.

However, those who are aware of this say that if the TRS folk attempt to do such a thing, they must not forget that it won’t be long before they will have to pay the price. For now, all eyes are on Rosiah and his government to see how peaceful and strictly they will keep the bandh.



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