Avatar Movie - One Of The Best All Time World Film
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Review : Avatar Movie - One of the best All Time World Film


In the movie, Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, a U.S. marine who is paralyzed from the waist down. Sully is recruited to travel to a planet called Pandora, a beautiful moon covered with deep forests and magnificent waterfalls and inhabited by a wide array of incredible life forms including the planet’s indigenous population known as the Na’vi. Sully will participate in the Avatar program, whereby he will inhabit the body of a genetically-engineered Na’vi hybrid known as an Avatar.

When Sully transforms to an Avatar, his life changes. He is blue, he is 10-feet tall and he can walk freely around the planet (humans cannot breathe Pandoran air). During his initial rendezvous on the planet, Sully meets a beautiful female Na’vi named Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and for different reasons, he is accepted into the tribe.

The Na’vi are fully aware that Sully is a hybrid so obviously not everyone in the tribe is happy about his presence. But Sully is not there to cause problems. He has simply been asked to observe the Na’vi, to learn about their culture and their habits. It turns out that the main Na’vi camp is situated on top of the largest deposit of a rich mineral that the humans are there to extract. With Sully’s help, the humans are hoping to move the Na’vi off the land peacefully. Unfortunately, this is sacred land for the Na’vi and when they refuse to cooperate with the humans, they do what often happens when it comes to greed, power and money. They decide they are going to forcefully move the Na’vi. This leaves Sully caught in a war between the group of humans who brought him to Pandora to help them out, and Neytiri and the rest of the Na’vi, to whom he has quickly grown very close and attached. An epic battle ensues and the fate of Pandora and the Na’vi rests in the hands of the Americans who have invaded the planet.


The story of Avatar was okay — but probably the weakest part of the whole production. If you step back and look at the basic premise of the movie, it was all pretty simple. The corporate bullies, with the help of the army, step in to take something valuable and they don’t care who they are inconveniencing by doing it. We’ve seen this a million times before on film and probably more times in real life. The only difference with Avatar is that it is happening on an alien planet, with a race of which we have never heard and with some of the best special effects we have ever seen.


As for the acting, well, Sam Worthington is pretty much perfect for the part he plays. He narrates a good part of the movie and has a voice with a bit of an attitude — yet still calming — that was needed to fit the bill. The other actor that stands out is Stephen Lang, who plays the tough-as-nails Colonel Miles Quaritch.

Giovanni Ribisi is the odd choice to play the corporate weasel heading up the project. He just seemed a bit young for the part. Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez all did a fine job but none of them were called upon to go over and above what you might expect from them.


His first project since Titanic, marinating for fifteen years and four additional years in production, Cameron held his creative chops in check till he felt futuristic cinematic technology only dreamt of at the time, caught up with his fevered imagination. The result is a visually breathtaking extra-terrestrial travelogue, but where the mystique may going a long way towards upstaging the message. Which is that rebellion against imperialism and the US war machine by oppressed peoples and even within the military is recommended, while for kid viewers, questioning authority is a good and honorable thing. Though parents might draw the line on the family home front, about that particular advice.

Movie :Avatar Cast : Sam Worthington as Jake Sully Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacon Giovanni Ribisi as SecFor administrator Parker Selfridge, Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman Stephen Lang as SecFor's Colonel Miles Quaritch Dileep Rao as Dr. Max Patel. A Scientist that works in the AVATAR Program Matt Gerald as SecFor's Corporal Lyle Wainfleet Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri C. C. H. Pounder as Mo'at, the Na'vi queen. Laz Alonso as Tsu'Tey Wes Studi as Eytucan Peter Mensah as Akwey,

Direction : James Cameroon Music : James Horner Producer : Jon Landau‎ Rating : 4.25/5


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    Really i agree with you!! Avatar is a wonderful creation. I like this movie very much and i have watched this movie many times.

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