Ayurveda Natural Weight Loss Therapy
Rekha • onHealth & Beauty 11 years ago • 3 min read

Our Natural weight loss and Obesity Program is among the most effective natural weight loss programs available in the world. Our program is a combination of years of research and ancient Ayurveda & Yoga therapies.

We make the weight loss experience enjoyable healing for the mind body and spirit! The length of the program ranges from 3-16 weeks and consists of the following components:

  1. Udvartana (Herbal Weight loss & Obesity Massage) This is a specialized ayurveda herbal massage treatment for effective weight reduction. An herbal paste / powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements by two therapists for one hour everyday. This therapy is very effective in naturally reducing weight. It also helps remove cellulite, revitalizes the sense of touch , gives a good complexion to the skin, removes toxins from the body, and tones the skin & muscles after child birth.

  2. Weight loss & Obesity Reduction Yoga Our weight loss program combines the best ayurveda therapy with weight loss Yoga and Meditation. This special Yoga is taught exclusively to guests who are have registered for weight loss. Special asanas are given to each individual to practice everyday. Remarkable difference can be seen if all the therapies and recommendations are followed. Yoga practice can range from 1-4 hours per day. Yoga & Mediation is highly recommended but not compulsory. Meditation strengthens your mind and helps you in keeping your resolve in losing weight. We make weight loss a most enjoyable process.

  3. Special Weight loss diet & Cooking Classes We make special meals for the weight loss program and many times it is different for each individual to help one achieve natural effective weight loss. Each meal preparation is supervised by the ayurvedic doctor and the manager. Meals are made as much as possible from organic and fresh ingredients. No meal is served more than a few hours after being prepared. Many times just the way of preparation may be different which may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Weight loss is also sometimes a result of unhealthy food combinations and not just the result of quantity or type of food.

In our Ayurveda Cooking Classes we teach you how to make the diet that is served to you at the retreat. This will help you maintain a healthy weight upon your return.

  1. Nature Walks and exercise An integral part of every weight loss program is excercise for those who are physically able. The retreat is located in among the most beautiful natural places in India for walking, hiking and running. There are several nature paths for miles that we take for walks everyday. Join us in exploring nature or find yourself by being one with nature. You will discover various animals , birds and plants that you may have never seen before. Some unique to the region are the bison, the nilgiri tahr, and several species of birds and plants like the nilgiri tea, the nilgiri "tel" tree and others. Welcome to Mother Nature in its glorious splendour.

  2. Maintaining Weight after your return The goal of our program is for you to maintain a normal healthy weight even after you return home and not just for you to lose weight while you are here. We are not a commerical hotel or resort and we genuinely care that you remain healthy. We therefore provide a lifetime support with maintaining your weight loss free of charge! The Doctor is always available by email or phone for your consultation.



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  • Guest 10 years ago
    Ayurveda is an alternative therapy for losing weight.Ayurveda believes that you are made up of space, air, water, fire and earth. The whole creation i.e. nature is made up of these five elements. To remain healthy all these five elements must be balanced in the body just like in the nature. Well these are great tips on loosing weight naturally.