Azoospermia - Nil Sperm Treatment
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Semen examination revealed no sperm, called azoospermia, usually three or more semen in the sperm were not found to be diagnosed case of azoospermia. As one of the most difficult to treat infertility, azoospermia patients gave brought grave suffering, but also brought many problems to the doctor.

Azoospermia, male infertility accounts for about 15% -20% of patients, causes many, summed up into two categories. First, testicular dysfunction itself, known as primary or non-obstructive azoospermia azoospermia. Second, the normal spermatogenesis, but the vas deferens obstruction, sperm can not be eliminated from the body, known as obstructive azoospermia.


Cause of Azoospermia:

• Sperm production disorders: congenital malformations, such as free testosterone abnormalities, testicular hypoplasia; • Sperm transport obstruction: congenital absence of vas deferens, vas deferens injury, ligation, ejaculatory duct obstruction. In addition to infertility, a number of no clinical symptoms and signs. Some patients have prostatitis, Seminal, epididymitis, epididymal tuberculosis and other medical history. Some patients have testicular hypoplasia, testicular atrophy, epididymal nodules and other local signs and other symptoms.

Azoospermia caused by many reasons, but no more than summed up in two categories, one is testicular azoospermia: is due to various causes testicular sperm dysfunction caused by azoospermia, such as Klinefelter syndrome, bilateral cryptorchidism, long-term consumption of crude oil, mumps orchitis, varicocele, radiation damage, endocrine disorders.

One is obstructive azoospermia: obstructive azoospermia is due to various causes the vas deferens obstruction or absence of channels, as well as testicular sperm produced by the vas deferens Road can not be caused by discharge of azoospermia, the most common causes of men after vasectomy, congenital absence of vas deferens seminal vesicles or due to inflammation caused by obstruction of the vas deferens road adhesion, such as epididymitis or epididymis tuberculosis.

Azoospermia treatment according to different causes for treatment.

Men, inflammation of the vas deferens, Seminal and prostatitis can cause diseases such as azoospermia, treatment of inflammation of the first premise is to cure these. Can make men's health are thoroughly protected. At the same time, when men treated their own physical health should pay attention to, this is a good method of adjuvant therapy, and the disease can make your recovery faster.

No sperm can be treated? Treatment of azoospermia there are many physical and personal reasons for azoospermia is different, so after careful diagnosis of male need only symptomatic treatment can make their return to normal fertility.

How diagnosis of azoospermia? In the case of married men without fertility should not think she had azoospermia, and need to go to hospital to be checked, and when examined in the clinic when the sperm if they do not need to do further tests , and to ensure the correct results of the check.

Assuming no semen found in patients with multiple inspections of sperm, which can be diagnosed azoospermia. If you determine azoospermia, does not mean that men from infertile, but also further examination, such as testicular biopsy and imaging such as the vas deferens, azoospermia to determine which can be cured, the cure can restore fertility after.

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