Baby Shower Ideas And Tips And Gifts For Baby Shower
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Baby showers are a popularly celebrated tradition by all moms to be in various countries. Baby showers are in addition to giving gifts, also social events. For this reason, a certain amount of etiquette must be observed. Etiquette differs from country to country but here are some common tips.

Below are 6 basic tips on how to plan a successful baby shower.

A themed baby shower creates more excitement and fond memories for you. Share with your host the type of theme you want such as having a color scheme based on your baby's gender.

Just eating and mingling does not make a great baby shower. Neither is just gift opening. It is a gathering among close friends and relatives. It is a time to celebrate the coming of your new baby and also a time for everyone to have fun. Singing, games and charades will definitely liven up your party.

This is a very important point to consider seriously. When deciding the location of your baby shower, please advice your hosts of any health needs you might require.

Do you prefer an intimate party to be held at your house or do you prefer convenience. If your preference is intimacy and familiar surroundings, having a party at home will be more comfortable for everyone but be prepared for the hassle of preparation of the party and the cleaning up after.

If the post-party cleanup is not your cup of tea, then throwing the shower at a secluded bar or restaurant will be an ideal choice. The foods, drinks and decorations will be taken care of but it will definitely cost you more.

If you are having the event during tea time, finger food, sandwiches and pastries will be the best choice. If you decide to organize it during lunch or dinner, do consider heavier food choices.

Working closely with your hosts on your guest list will avoid you missing anyone important. To avoid any embarrassing anyone, thorough thought to your guest list is highly recommended.

If you prefer a personal touch to your baby shower, suggest to your host to get a few friends together and create a personalized card especially for the event. Otherwise, purchasing ready-made shower cards from the mall is an good alternative, but less personalized.

Baby Shower favor

  1. Picture frames

Picture frames are becoming increasingly popular these days. You can put your baby’s picture in it and make it look beautiful. There are available at numerous sizes and can be bought at mediocre prices.

  1. Figurines

Figurines that represent the theme in your mind can be used for baby favors. It is, in fact, a better option than picture frames and hence preferred by many. The figurines come in angel, baby and teddy bear shapes. They are very popular among kids.

  1. Candles

Candle baby shower favors are very popular. They are mostly colored pink or blue and are made in various shapes. Fragrant candles, a good option, are also available in the market. A few can make candles at home while a few purchase it from outside. If you are preparing at home you have the freedom to choose your shape, fragrance and color.

Candles serve lot of purposes as a few can be used for mere decorative purposes while it also serves its own use during emergency. The glass candleholders are reusable and also look good.

So choose the right option of baby shower favors. Choose the ones appealing to you and the ones you think you can gift your guests. Whether it is made by you or bought from outside, make sure the gift contains a note.

It can mean a lot to the guests acknowledging your invitation. The thank you note should preferable have information about the name of the baby and a message of thanks. By doing all this, you can let the guests know that you have acknowledged their presence to the fullest.

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