Back Pain Exercises - Effective Stretching Exercises To Relieve Backache
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The root of back pain, especially lower back pain is the weak muscles. The muscles of the back, buttocks and the abdomen are known as the core muscles and they also support the spine. Some exercises are advisable as it can reduce, prevent and even eliminate backache. Strong abdominal muscles support the lower back and also prevent the lower back pain. While lifting, strong quadriceps which is the front of thigh muscles is very important to prevent injuries.

Shortened muscles can also cause back pain as it throw the spine out of alignment. With the help of stretching exercises, shortened muscles are lengthened and thus help in relieving the backache. Alignment of the spine is affected by tight back muscle, tight buttocks muscles, tight muscles in the front of the hip and even tight quadriceps or tight hamstrings (back of thigh muscles). It is advisable to stretch your back with the help of stretching exercises as it increases the mobility of the joints of the spine.

Back Stretching Exercises

You can do stretching daily but even every second day is also enough. For those people suffering from sciatica or other types of back pain or stiffness, specific stretches are often recommended at least twice daily. It is necessary to consult a physician or physiotherapist, if someone is experiencing back pain. They will prescribe the exercises according to the cause of pain.

Before doing stretching, it is necessary to warm up. You can do five minutes of walking, or exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or even marching on the spot is enough. Before doing stretching exercises, warming up is necessary otherwise it will result in back injuries because warm muscles are more flexible than cold muscles which are less likely to tear.

If you are facing with the problem of back then before doing exercises, especially which involves twisting or arching the back you must consult your physician.

Some of the important back exercises -

  1. Pelvic Tilt: It is associated with lower back stretching exercises and abs strengthening exercise.

  2. Basic Twist: It is related with lower back stretching exercise.

  3. The Cat: This exercise is associated with back stretching exercise.

  4. The Cobra: This exercise is related with abdominal, lower back and chest stretching.

  5. Chest Stretch: It is related with chest exercise.

The other important stretch exercises are shoulder, back, arms stretch, knee to chest, side, waist stretch, piriformis stretch, hamstring stretch etc. All these exercises performed under the supervision of physiotherapist are very effective in relieving the back pain.

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