Back Pain Exercises That Can Help Manage Backache
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Stretching and strengthening exercises are usually recommended for back pain. Such exercises help to relax tightened muscles, lengthen the shortened muscles, thereby reducing pain. While doing such exercises one must hold the stretch at least for 30 seconds and then release. Repeating stretches 3-4 times would help. One must never hold breath while exercising.

  1. Any back pain exercise should start with a 5 minutes warm up program which includes light free hand aerobics, walking or riding a stationary bike. Warm up prepares the body for absorbing or receiving heavy exercises and checks the risk of sudden injury.

  2. Pelvic tilt is a lower back stretching and abs strengthening exercise. By doing this exercise, one can get relief from back pain. For this one has to lie on one’s back, flat on the floor with knees folded. While doing so, a deep breath has to be taken, and while slowly exhaling, one has to flatten or push the small of one's back against the floor. This has to be done making the use of one’s abs. The exercise may be repeated 10-15 times.

  1. Basic twist is also a lower back stretching exercise. For this one has to lie on one's back, stretch hands on both sides. After this one has to bend knees and bring them close to the chest. While doing so, one has to take a deep breath. While exhaling, one has to slowly lower the knees together to the floor. This has to be repeated for at least 5 times.

  2. The cobra is an abdominal, lower back, and chest stretching exercise. For this one has to lie on one's belly, forehead should touch the ground, arms should be bent and palms should be down to the ground under the shoulder. One has to push downwards with arms, and simultaneously arch the body by raising the upper torso. After holding for three full breaths, one has to bring down the upper torso to the ground slowly.

One should try out the above exercises for relieving back pain. Along with these exercises, massaging the back with some herbal anti inflammatory oil such as Rumatone Gold Oil accelerates the relieving action. Rumatone Gold Oil uses a revolutionary approach to deliver a 100% pure herbal formula to feed your body the nutrients it needs to help fight the causes of pain.

Take a small amount of Rumatone Gold Oil in your palm and apply the oil over the area that pains the most. Massage the area gently till the oil completely gets absorbed. Try to avoid direct exposure of fan for an hour.

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Backache Exercises


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