Back Pain Sciatica Treatment - What Is The Best Method?
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Sciatica is a medical condition produced by the fact that the sciatic nerve is being pressured. This pressure leads to severe back pain that radiates down the hip and the leg. The pain is, in most of the cases, stabbing and it perturbs one’s normal activities.

Back pain caused by sciatica shouldn't be ignored and a physician should be consulted from the first signs. There are also natural treatment methods for sciatica and, unlike the conventional ones, they are relatively safe to use. Some of them are for topical applications while others need to be consumed in form of capsules, tea or extract.

Nevertheless, before starting a natural cure for back pain caused by sciatica or before applying any herbal oils or ointments on the affected area, make sure you are aware of the correct dosage. If you are also taking artificial drugs, talk to your doctor about herbal supplements in order to avoid a possible interaction between them.

Among the most effective remedies for sciatica there are -

  1. Turmeric - It is a widely used remedy in the Asian medicine and it is effective in relieving pain of any type. It can even be used raw, mixed with milk, on a daily basis.

  2. Chamomile - It has a powerful analgesic effect. It can either be used externally, as oil, for massaging the aching body parts, or internally as tea or extract.

  3. Wintergreen oil - Relieves pain when used for massage. It should only be used externally because it is toxic if ingested.

  4. Garlic - Fry some garlic cloves in mustard oil until they burn, let the oil cool and then use it for massage.

  5. Devil's claw - It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. It is not only helpful in sciatica, but also in other medical conditions like arthritis.

  6. Peppermint - Also known as prickly ash, it is effective both in sciatica and in rheumatoid arthritis. It improves blood flow and it strengthens the body tissue affected by sciatica.

  7. Burdock - Its action is similar with that of peppermint. It is used for a long time in treating joint pain and diseases of the nervous system.

  8. St. John's Wort oil - For external use, it relieves pain if massaged on the painful spots before going to bed, every night.

  9. Horsetail - It helps rebuild connective tissue and it also eases the pain.

Herbal remedies for back pain caused by sciatica aren't supposed to only be used separately and they can be combined for better results. A specialist can easily teach you which the combinations that provide the best results are.

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