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Back Pain is one of the most common types of problems which can affect any people at any point of their life. It affects the people commonly between the age of 35 and 55 years. Though, it may affect the people at earlier age also. Usually our lower part of the back suffers the most because during any physical activities it endures the maximum pressure and so it is at maximum risk to get damage. Sometimes, luckily the back pain is of temporary nature.

It is caused due to excessive pressure on the ligaments or muscles which supports the spine. But if the backache is due to some serious injury or some medical problem like kidney damage, cancer or nerve damage then it is necessary to treat the problem with full patience and proper medical assistance.

There are various causes and factors of backache. In 90% cases the problem of backache is due to poor posture in your daily routine. Sometimes it can be caused due to bending or lifting heavy objects which cause a small tear of the muscles or ligaments and results in strain in the back.

To establish the true nature of the backache, it is very important to observe the nature and the location of the pain. To provide an effective solution to the backache it is necessary to observe the symptoms of backache seriously and with great care.

The most common type of backache is the lower backache. Some of its most common symptoms are given below which is ignored by many people.

  1. Backache during coughing or sneezing.

  2. Acute pain or numbness down one or both legs.

  3. Facing difficulty in lifting weights and moving around.

  4. Pain while standing or in sitting up for a long hours and in a particular position like long car drive.

  5. Difficulty in passing the urine.

  6. Pain is accompanied during bowel movements.

  7. Feeling of a back pain during normal back movements like bending, walking, running, doing any sports activity.

  8. Continuous feeling of pain or stiffness in the area around the waist.

  9. Back pain is also associated with weight loss.

These are the very common symptoms of backache but at the same time these are the most ignored symptoms of the backache. Ignorance of these back pain common symptoms may result into chronic back pain. If these symptoms of back pain are attended seriously in the initial stage then it may prevent severe damage to your spinal cord.

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