Back Pain: What We Need To Kwon About
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Low back pain is also called "spit" called. It is very common. Some people get it only once, others come back regularly. The pain is in the lower back, in the area between the lower ribs and the buttocks. Especially moving is quite painful. Of a chair or getting up out of bed is a feat. People with low back pain to move their back as little as possible. Sometimes they can not even move their backs.

Het does not matter where you experience these, low back pain, hernia, sciatica, scoliosis, or whatever; you want to make it as quickly as possible from. Far too many people are unnecessarily long plagued by all sorts of back problems.

According to several studies is at least 90% of back pain in the category of non-specific back pain, also called non-specific back pain. That simply means that the medical world in which no abnormalities can take an explanation for your pain.

The pain is generally caused by overloading the back: you have to fast or too heavy lifted, or made a wrong move. Also your back long effort ensures overloading the back muscles. Many people bend their back muscles without them noticing, for example because they have a bad posture, but often the cause of spit not clearly identify.

Other factors that can play include poor physical condition has much driving, or stress. Pregnancy and obesity can also cause back pain or strengthen. Cold, wet weather is not conducive for people with back problems. Spit in the elderly is a common complaint.


Low back pain usually gets a combination of causes, including:

• Heavy physical work, as much bending and heavy lifting. • Many, behind an office computer or car. • A wrong attitude, which you walk and sit up straight enough. • Maneuver, indicating weak muscles and poor condition. • Every 10 kg above your healthy weight gives 40 kg extra pressure on the intervertebral discs. • Too soft or too hard surface to sleep. • Prolonged stress, so that too much pressure on the (back) muscles faces.

Low back pain can be chronic. It is not always an obvious cause, but may result from other disorders, such as:

• A damaged intervertebral disc (hernia) • Osteoarthritis • Inflammation of joints in the back (arthritis) • Malformations of vertebrae or joints • Pelvic instability • Diabetes • Cancer


Many of these exercises are focused on the superficial muscles. But getting a good posture and a strong heart you the deep abdominals training. Accompanying exercises can help. Misunderstandings

You may have seen in the past that abdominal exercises are not helping. Several misunderstandings doing the rounds:

• Abdominal Exercises with many fast repetitions are not functional and also taxing the back and neck too much. • The belly deliberately withdraws and move slowly gives a better result. • How many abdominal exercises you do, the fat that many people have around their waist will not disappear? This requires a comprehensive training and a balanced diet is needed.

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