Bad Breath Causes And Symptoms And Dietary Tips To Avoid Bad Breathe Or Halitosis
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Bad breath is most objectionable. It is also known as halitosis. Most people who suffer from this problem are not aware of their problem. The common cause of this problem is bad teeth. Dental decay at the roots of the teeth may result in abscesses in the gums with foul smelling pus giving bad odor to the breath.

Even small holes in the teeth may provide a place where germs can multiply and give foul odors. These are very common in younger people. Badly fitting dentures that are not cleaned properly also leads to bad breathe. It is common in old people. Bad breath does not arise from the stomach. Actually, anaerobic bacteria in mouth produce smelly sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

Other causes for the bad breathe may be infection of the tonsils, adenoids or sinuses. Bad breath may also arise from the inflammation in the stomach and also from the food materials that have not been completely digested. Tobacco, alcohol, alcohol containing mouth rinses, dry mouth, foods like garlic, onion, and spicy foods, hunger, morning breath, poor oral hygiene can also cause bad breath.

Diet tips for bad breath

  1. Chewing gum can increase salivary flow, but only masks bad breath. Try drinking water throughout the day instead.

  2. Before brushing use hydrogen peroxide to rinse the mouth.

  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  4. Excessive use of alcohol based mouthwash.

  5. Chew on some cardamom seeds.

  6. Anything that allows you to harbor more bacteria on your tongue, like tongue jewelry, increases your chance of bad breath.

Steps to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by a number of reasons ranging from the garlic and onions in the food you've ingested the previous night, gases from gastro-intestinal and dental problems and dehydration to more serious diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis and zinc deficiency. People suffering from a sore throat and tonsillitis also suffer from bad breath. An easy way to avoid bad breath is to avoid drinking water during the meals.

This interferes with the gastric juices and can be responsible for causing bad breath. It is also important to practice a strict dental routine, visiting your dentist regularly to get your oral cavity cleaned and also to ensure that you have no cavity problems. In addition to this you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day to keep your mouth clean and free of any infection. It is also important to clean your tongue properly using a tongue-cleaner or your toothbrush since the tongue can harbor a lot of plaque and can cause bad breath. You should also use a mouthwash with a fresh minty flavor to kill the bad breath. Green mouthwashes usually have thyme, peppermint or wintergreen, while red, spicy mouthwashes have zinc compounds which are also beneficial for controlling bad breath.

Apart from these simple steps to avoid bad breath, you can simmer some quince seeds in water, strain the water and gargle using this water every night. This is very effective in controlling bad breath. Figs are also beneficial for bad breath and thus you should have 1 tsp of fig juice every night before sleeping to reduce bad breath in the morning. This has the same effect as the sweet liquorices water available in the Middle East. An easy way to cure bas breath amongst children is to simmer some lemon pips in honey and consume this while it is still warm.

In addition to these simple home remedies, parsley is said to be beneficial in controlling bad breath, so you can chew on some fresh sprigs of parsley and use it generously in your food preparations. You should also avoid eating too much garlic since the smell of garlic lingers in the mouth for a long time. Other culprits in food that can cause bad breath and should be avoided are: onions, hot peppers, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, anchovies and even certain cheese like camembert and Roquefort. You should also avoid coffee, beer, wine and whiskey since they cause plaque and drink a lot of water to keep your mouth clean and as bacteria free as possible.


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