Bad Cholesterol, LDL, Foods To Lower Cholesterol
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If want to reduce your risk of a heart attack or suffering from other cardiovascular disease, then the more sure early in life you have reduced your blood bad cholesterol LDL.

The high blood levels of bad cholesterol LDL related challenge heart disease. It is the main factor that creates the diseased which leads to blockage of arteries. The reduction can be achieved physical activity, healthy diet and drugs.

It is already known to reduce LDL cholesterol, removes the risk of heart attack. What is not known is whether the reduction of bad cholesterol throughout life, is able to increase the life because even the smallest risk for heart disease. The cholesterol in the blood can be reduced through physical exercise, reduce consumption of fats of animal origin.

There are, of course, drugs that act in liver and suppress the mechanism which produces cholesterol by our organization.

What is important to know that there are foods able to significantly reduce blood cholesterol? There are foods that lower bad cholesterol is transported blood by lipoproteins LDL. The objective we are within the normal range of blood cholesterol, have low levels of bad cholesterol LDL and high levels of good cholesterol HDL.

The high levels of bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Oatmeal lowers bad cholesterol. The reason is that is rich in soluble fiber.

These fibers in the gut bind cholesterol diet as well and cholesterol in bile that is secreted in the digestive system. The binding of cholesterol by dietary fiber prevents absorption from the gut.

It has been estimated that 5 to 10 g soluble fibers daily, reduce bad cholesterol LDL 5%.

The oat flour can be consumed in the form of swill; there is a cereal product for breakfast and bakery items.

There are other grains, vegetables and fruits rich in soluble fiber: Beans, Brussels sprouts, apples, pears, plums, barley.

The soy protein present in all the derivatives of the soybean lowers cholesterol and blood trigger. The mode of action on the reduction of bad cholesterol associated with amino acids which it comprises.

It is estimated that consumption of 25 to 50 grams of soy protein daily may reduce the bad cholesterol from 4 to 8%. In Patients with higher cholesterol levels achieved the best effects of soy protein.

Walnuts and almonds can significantly reduce poor cholesterol. Studies have shown that nuts, where they represent 20% calorie diet to lower cholesterol, may reduce by 12% bad cholesterol LDL.

The reduction of cholesterol from the walnuts and almonds achieved relatively quickly. There is a significant drop in 4 weeks.

But caution is needed because all the nuts are rich in calories. Therefore, to avoid making overweight, adding nuts in the diet should be accompanied by a corresponding reduction other foods such as meat, cheese, butter and more.

Finally we wish to reiterate that efforts to reduce blood cholesterol are appropriate to have the following characteristics: * Is long * Includes limiting the consumption of animal fat * Include regular physical activity * Supported by food choice and food that lower bad blood cholesterol * Based on monitoring by the doctor will decide when need to be given drugs.

It is worthwhile to pay attention to implement key these principles. Can improve our quality of life prolonging while its duration.

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