Bad Habits Of Everyday Man Or Women That Cause Hair Loss
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As shown by the etymology of the word, genetic male-pattern hair loss is due to an inherited predisposition of the hair follicles of the head (or even only the parietal region and the temples) to show increased sensitivity to normal androgens, androgens are, affect the hair root and lead to progressive atrophy and ultimately a total loss.

So it is understood that any therapeutic intervention should be done as there is even the least fluff, because when it is lost completely, there is no reversing the damage.

The life cycle of our hair


All our hair goes through three phases of development. The first is the anlagen, which lasts from 2 to 6 years during which the hair grows. The second is Catagen, which lasts about 1 month.

Within this time the hair is weakened and "prepared" for the fall, followed by the final stage the Talien during which (approximately 5 months) the hair falls out but the root is still there so after some time under normal circumstances, hair reborn.

Though the hair texture vary in the human body, the straight or curly hair to the cloth nearly invisible person, the development cycle is the same everywhere. This cycle consists of two phases, Anagen, during which the hair of his head grow long, about 1,5 cm per month and Telogen, during which they stop growing and rest.

The first stage lasts from 3 to 5 years, while the second only 2-3 months. Once the cycle is completed by hairs are in telogen phase fall within the next 2-3 weeks and replaced by new ones if the enclaves remains active. It is perfectly normal to lose in this manner 50-100 hairs daily, which can be observed, because staying on the brush after combing. At any time, under normal circumstances 85% of our hair grows, while the remaining 15% falls.

When they fall together?

Often it can happen to spend a lot of hair in the phase simultaneously with the result that all fall together. This phenomenon is called molt and is threatening the future of our hair, since it is reversible if something addressing the causes, which may be as follows:

• Childbirth: - During pregnancy, women do not lose any hair. So about 2-4 months after birth, the hair does not lose all this time all come together in the phase leading to fall together. This case, you need to make women are just waiting to grow the new hair. • Taking drugs: - Guilty of the deluge molt are some medications such as contraceptives (pronounced hair loss usually occurs after discontinuation of use) and some drugs given to treat thyroid problems, etc. • Diseases: - Some chronic diseases such as lupus erythematosus and the thyroid gland, iron deficiency anemia (though disputed by some) and anorexia nervosa can also lead to increased hair loss, but check with the appropriate patient management. • Poor nutrition: - The proteins (egg, fish, chicken, etc.) play a key role in hair growth for this and their absence could lead to temporary loss of our hair. Role but appears to play a zinc deficiency (seafood, nuts, etc.) and biotin (beef liver, peanuts, etc.). Therefore it is obvious how good nutrition can save our hair. • Stress: - This is one factor that can affect our overall health and certainly the state of our hair, which normally intercepts leading us to .massive losses.

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