Bandh Tomorrow. No Trains & No Meetings
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Bandh Tomorrow. No Trains & No Meetings

The bandh time is back. One more day Hyderabad will lose hundreds of crores of rupees and also countless problems for the people while the leaders like Rosaiah, KCR etc would rest happily eating and singing at their homes.

The South Central railway has announced that no train would travel through Telangana tomorrow in view of the bandh. While all this is going on the CM Rosaiah is not taking any steps in controlling the law and order situation. He today gave a media briefing on the losses Hyderabad is facing due to the turmoil in Andhra Pradesh and indirectly asked everyone to follow the band. Political leaders have commented that they have not seen such weak hearten CM ever.

Meanwhile on the occassion of bandh tomorrow, the Congress leader Gone Prakash Rao has dared the Telangana activists to go into the Ramoji Film City and stop all the activities there. He said that a capitalist like Ramoji Rao should be taught a lesson. Later as expected the TDP leaders have dared the Telangana activists to stop the work in Sakshi media which is situated in the heart of Hyderabad.



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