Bangalore Happy For Telangana Battle
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Bangalore Happy For Telangana Battle

While the Telangana issue has been causing a lot of pain to the people in Andhra Pradesh and also the many Telugus in different parts of the world, one section of people are said to be quite happy. They are the folks of Karnataka and especially the corporates and the political guys.

Well, the reason for the happiness is IT companies are shifting from Hyderabad to other places and especially towards Bangalore. This would mean that Hyderabad will no more be its competitor and that will give Bangalore the edge to vie for the metro status.

The experts say that as long as the political instability continues, good times will continue for Bangalore and places like Chennai, Pune as well. This has been causing quite a concern to the IT sector here in Hyderabad and they are hoping for a quick resolution and that too a sensible one.



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