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Greeting cards can be easily purchased in a store, but they can seem impersonal. Use one of our simple digital photo tips and go for personalization instead of buying cards from store. Just take a photograph that relates more to the subject and print that on a glossy paper, this will surely let you achieve a more personalization, whether the card is for a birthday or for anniversary, or simply to make your friends and family feel that you think of them. For taking excellent photos for crafts using digital cameras, I suggest you to go through digital camera tips first.

For now try out Microsoft Photo Editor that can help you in creating a customized card.

  1. Take some photos of the person or object, using different angles, distances, origins and lighting.
  2. Edit images. Upload them to your computer and use photo editor to make necessary adjustments.
  3. Select a photo or photos to use for your greeting card. Save the photos in a file nearby.
  1. Open Microsoft Publisher. Browse catalogs Publisher to create the card with a wizard. Select "Greeting Card,” then the type of card. Follow the wizard instructions to finish the greeting card.
  2. Personalize your card with the photo. Decide where you want the image. Select "From File ..." under the heading "Photos" in the Insert menu.
  3. Select your photo on your computer. Click the Insert button. Adjust the image position by using mouse, if necessary.
  4. Print your card on plain paper first. Check it over and make changes as desirable. Then print it on a glossy paper.

In addition, if you want this creativity to be more creative, you should learn the digital photography basics and mastering digital photography respectively, in order to make superb masterpieces that can enchant the greeting card receiver.

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