Beauty Of Life
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 2 min read

It’s predominant to most people belief that the ‘Beauty of Life’ lies with the Money, Power & Sex and losing the core vibrant of life. People with these attributes consider themselves enjoying the life to the maximum and live in the utopia of having a beautiful life. Where as some people recognize this at some or later stage of life while others don’t. History reveals that the most powerful, richest and sexiest people didn’t lead their lives with beauty & happiness but people seem to forget this.

‘Beauty of Life’ in simple according to me is living with Love, Romance, Harmony, and Affection. These are intangibles but are generic and make life happy.

Core ‘Essence of life’-

  • Love all with affection and harmony
  • Love unconditionally – don’t expect something in return
  • Love yourself
  • Romance with the nature – sense all the climate & situations
  • Meditate yourself
  • Listen to your heart
  • Spend some time alone
  • Make your senses touch the heart and nature with hope of fulfillment

Money, power and sex are highly insecure tangibles were not constant at all through out the life. These may come and go and can’t be shared, but we spend our lives for securing these and not enjoying live to the fullest that Mother Nature has given to us. These are the tiny particles we need to make our life beautiful but we made these into major elements leaving the core essence of life.

We make ourselves feel happy by creating these limitations, though they actually don’t exist and leaving the reality and virtue of life.


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