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Healthy skin is beautiful skin, how to shows that your body is in balance, let you shine from within, as we turn more self-confident, because when we feel pretty confident. That we are beautiful or ugly, has no say in where we have, we have to live with the body was donated to us, but an escort is a beautiful body.

Beauty is a measure of us through the media imposed also depends on personal taste. But a skin care is a beautiful skin.

Balance The most important steps to beauty * 1. detoxify * 2. digestion * 3. recovery

Skin care

  • Face care ensures good blood circulation in the skin.
    • cleaning work.
    • Work relaxing.
    • And tension headaches can remove.
    • Is a unique form of entertainment?
    • Allows for easier removal of waste.
    • Let your left with a feeling of fatigue exodus.
    • calming works.
    • Stimulates blood flow in the skin.
    • A good facial massage makes a lot of negative energy is released as a relaxing feeling.

Types of care, the services also featured two known 1. Scrubbing * With an exfoliating treatment, make the skin soft and clean. * You rid your skin of any dead skin cells. * Not more than 1 to 2 twice / weekly scrub. * Scrubbing do your best evening, the skin has all night time to recover. * The skin stays smooth and clean behind.

How There are fifty some remedies on the market. Do not forget to check the body areas you want to treat you like a scrub buy. Not all products are suitable for the face. I always say, you can rub on your face means you can use not vice versa. * This is a technique that goes deeper than the classic. * The top layer of skin as it were sanded. * Best before you go visit a specialist beautician, institution or dermatologist. * The advantage of this technique is that superficial skin blemishes, fine line wrinkles and scars disappear . 2. Facial Massages Do this best with oil that keeps the heat from friction, unlike a massage can be found tricky for both the therapist and the client. * This is a good to do with sesame oil. * It contains linoleic acid, lecithin and amino acids, which have a beneficial effect on the brains. * The oil is naturally soft . * The oil contains minerals and trace elements, which are readily absorbed through the skin

Think before you start Before starting to massage it is advisable to take a little reading open store. It is important to know some muscle directions lie. More importantly, it is in the right direction to massage. The muscle on face is delicate. Doing wrong massaging certain muscles that stretch so they know they hang, and that's the intention at all I thought. When one is aware of muscle groups can be combined with pressure point massage therapy, this combination is a success driven.

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    Skin care is a measure of beauty reflected on us through time. Scrubbing, cleaning, massaging and other techniques are all elements of skin care.