Become A Maharaja- Stay At Heritage Hotels In Jaipur
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Unlike all typical five star hotels across the world, heritage hotels provide their guests the luxury of living in opulence and allow them to be treated like a Maharaja or Maharani during the entire duration of their stay. Jaipur, Rajasthan’s pink city, has been a major center of attraction for international tourists who want to experience Indian royalty living. With many important festivals like Holi, Teej, Diwali, Kite festival, Elephant festival celebrated in this desert town with much fanfare, gusto and color, it is no wonder that western tourists land in large numbers to experience the unforgettable times.

Jaipur is filled with palaces and is surrounded by a large fort. The city is typically busy with local people going about their work with enthusiasm in spite of the horrid heat during the summer months. Tourists flock into this lovely city during the months of September through March when the climate is extremely pleasant and most festivals are celebrated.

Heritage hotels in Jaipur welcome guests like royals, with turbaned bearers ushering them to their rooms. The floors of these hotels glisten with the beauty of Jaipur marble that’s truly unique to this region. Guests can live in heritage hotels perched high up on the hill, get wake up calls from peacocks and witness the bustling crowds move around in the streets. These Jaipur hotels of heritage value belong to erstwhile royalty of Rajasthan, who have partnered with big names in the hospitality business like Taj, Sheraton to cater to large inflow of international tourists who want to experience the Indian royal life.

Palaces were transformed into heritage hotels, where nothing much was altered except the addition of modern day facilities including high speed internet, cable television and other facilities. The highlight of these heritage hotels is their architectural splendor and adorned with beautiful traditional paintings.

Jaipur hotels offer tourists and business traveler’s luxurious accommodations. The rooms are all well appointed and have luxurious fittings. Exquisite furniture, dazzling chandeliers, and fine crockery are the highlights of heritage hotels. The restaurants in these hotels offer guests tasty lip smacking foods that are spicy and tantalize the taste buds with their exotic flavors. Hotels provide guests the option of numerous recreational facilities like camel rides, elephant rides, puppet shows, and jeep safaris and other cultural shows and festivals.

The heritage Hotels in Jaipur include Rambagh Palace, Jai Mahal Palace, Raj Mahal Palace, Diggi Palace, Shahpura Garden Palace, Royal Castle Kanota, Narain Niwas Palace, The Raj Palace, Mandawa Haveli, Achrol Lodge, Saba Haveli, Hari Mahal Palace, Umaid Bhawan and the Nalia Bagh palace.


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