Bedwetting Problems And Natural Home Treatment For Bedwetting
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Children develop whole control over their bladders at different ages. Nighttime dryness is usually the last stage of toilet learning. When children wet the bed more than twice per month after age 5 or 6, it is called bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis.

Bedwetting is common. More than 5 million brood in the U.S. wet the bed at night.

Children who were dry for at least 6 months and then started wetting again have secondary enuresis. There are many reason that children wet the bed after being fully toilet trained. It might be physical, emotional, or just a change in sleep.

The most important thing to remember is that no one wets the bed on purpose. It doesn't mean that you're lazy or a slob. It's amazing you can't help doing. For some reason, kids who wet the bed are not able to feel that their bladders are full and don't wake up to pee in the toilet.

Bedwetting is an issue that millions of families face every night. It is extremely common among young kids but can last into the teen years.

Doctors don't know for sure what causes bedwetting or why it stops. But it is often a usual part of development, and kids typically grow out of it. Most of the time bedwetting is not a sign of any deeper checkup or emotional issues.

Bed-wetting means instinctive urination in bed at night. Children generally after the age of 3-4 years gain control over the bladder, but in some children, this mechanism somehow is not strengthened and they pass urine in bed unwillingly.

Treatment of Bed-Wetting

Bed-wetting treatment cannot be in progress before the child reaches the age of seven. Parents should consult a doctor to find out the steps to treat this dilemma.

However, parents can give details and reassure the child of the difficulty in order to prevent the child from getting troubled. It is advisable not to go for allopathic medicine while treating this problem.

Often the parents seek the help of a continence adviser who tells the parents means to overcome the problem. It is a must that the parents be supposed to be patient with these children and should not punish them for bed-wetting.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting

The child should be given two walnut halves and a teaspoon of raisins before reserved to the bed at night. This is one of the successful home remedies for bedwetting.

One should not feed the child with water two to four hours before bedtime.

Provide stress free atmosphere to the child.

Bananas are to be given.

One can go for chew the cinnamon bark once in a day. It is one of the common home remedies for bedwetting.

Try to avoid sweets, meat, artificial additives and too much of fruits.

The mental therapy is the first and foremost therapy to be used to the child suffering from the bedwetting.

Mix Sarson powder in a cup of milk, and give to the child at night before going to bed. This will stops the bedwetting problem and is one of the good home remedies for bedwetting..

Some therapists propose that massaging on the bladder (the pelvic) area will be surely beneficial. This will tone up the muscles of the bladder and gives the child ability to hold and to manage the micturation.

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