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Many families are faced with the question to have children wetting bedding and mattresses well beyond the date of their parents may feel is acceptable. Items that are comforted to know that one of five children wet their beds at times, and that number is reduced to one in ten to six years and one in twenty to seven years and at a similar rate of decline in later years.

There are a number of causes associated with bed wetting, some physical, some mental. For some children, the best solution bed wetting is to grow them. However, it can become a burden on their social life, holding them to participate in the slumber parties, camp outs and can affect their self-confidence. In such cases, many parents want to search for bed wetting solutions can be used to help their child overcome this tendency.


Before discussing bed wetting solution, it is appropriate to point out that studies show that children who are often punished or shamed for bed wetting tend to do worse than those who are not ashamed or punished. Damage to the child's confidence and trust can have other manifestations as well. So, when looking for a solution to bedwetting, consider these options, and give your child room to grow out of it naturally.

  • Alarms

There is several bed wetting alarms on the market that will go off when they sense moisture. Although they tend to act after the fact, they can help to reduce the impact of a full bladder, if the child is awake in time to take action. It can help you train when you wake up your body sense bladder pressure in the future. Industry reports of success for these alarms to about 70% with the results that occur after about three months of use.

You may want to look for an alarm that offer a variety of alarm, so that your child gets used to the sound and learn to sleep through it.

  • Awards

Positive reinforcement in the form of star chart or similar reward system can have a positive effect and had tried many parents, although no formal studies have concluded that this approach is really effective. When applied to the support mode, may help in maintaining their own sense of self-esteem of the child. When used with punitive approach may jeopardize the child, and potentially Add anxiety as a cause of future bed wetting.

  • Antidepressants

Prescription tricycle antidepressants are useful in bed wetting solution in some cases. They tend to change their child's sleep schedule, the amount of urine your body produces and appears to increase the body's ability to hold urine in the bladder. Unfortunately, these drugs have potentially serious side effects and overdose can lead to death. As such their use should be carefully monitored.

  • Wake up Training

This bed wetting solution relies on the child wakes up in a strict schedule every night, while the bed is still dry so you can go to the toilet. The goal is to teach your child to wake up on its own to release. Some studies question the effectiveness of access, but in combination with the system of compensation as described above can reduce the negative self-image issues and achieve positive results more often.

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