Beetroot And Natural Immunity Boosters
Dr. Mital John • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Today goes to the macrocosm, we recognize the new star, and the first bearer of our civilization has exceeded our galaxy. And in the same way, slowly but surely penetrate into the microcosm of our body; we come to the molecular level. Emerging new medical disciplines such as: "mitochodriální medicine, which deals with the energy in cellular organelles - mitochondria, as well as appears in a new field of microbial ecology-category mikroekologie.

Many works focus on the function of cell receptors, it would be no surprise if a future study should be called "receptor medicine" ... The body handles all functions via the so-called control - control systems - such as the system of the CNS (central nervous system) and the special cells, the system of endocrine organs that produce hormones (pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal ...), gastrointestinal system and, finally, the immune complex system.


Previously thought that communication between these systems is done by electrical signals, it is only the transmission of electrical impulses, and that information is spreading like a signal through the telephone network of wires and switching exchanges. But today we know that the signal can also spread via wireless. It's more a matter of biochemistry than electricity. Scientists have found that these control systems use the same receptors = radar (receiver). Among the various systems and their receptors are known ligancy move.

The main mathematical principles of information transmission are peptides, which are assembled from individual amino acids. Imagine a string of 16 color beads strung on string and think about how many possible combinations created arrangements of beads, when we toss each other. This is an incredibly huge potential of information and each variant is a combination of peptides, it is one specific key, which fits precisely into a molded lock.

So the above ligancy carry these chains - transmitters between the somatic cells of those systems. Scientists can ligancy the specific tag and then monitor how and where to travel the body, and can then identify which reference leant arrived to their destination. Competent receptor is blocked and the affected cell is not working, because lack of good information. This communication is broken cause of the disease. The receptor was cast wrong chain amino acids. At this point as to how bad that displaces receptor chain, thereby restoring the function of managing people and allows the cell to start work again!

The set of possible pathological mechanisms involved in disorders of immunity, this seems like a logical philosophy and we can assume that this direction will be taken by other research scientists. In natural medicine, the philosophy most closely approximates the special extract made from red beet (ZIANICA immunogenic). And not just the known effect of supporting hematopoietic and strong antioxidant ability, but it is probably just the effect of the above-described "clean wrongly occupied receptors.

This assertion is at the moment a desire, because it is not supported by adequate scientific work seriously, but the presumption seems to be still alive, when you compare the references of clients who suffer from impaired immunity such as in autoimmune diseases, conditions associated with cancer, leukemia, etc., who are taking several months red beet extract, and their status and laboratory values show a remarkable improvement. Symbinatur philosophy is akin to the fact that they do not have a cure for the macrocosm, but simply using natural means, such as red beets.

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