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Let me not live a life that's free from "The Things" that draw me close to you Thee - For How can I ever hope to heal the wounds of others I do not feel - If my eyes are dry and I never weep - How do I know when the hurt is deep - If my heart is cold and it never bleeds, How can I tell what my brother needs - For when my ears are deaf to the beggar's plea And we close our eyes and refuse to see - And we steel our hearts and harden our mind, And we count it a weakness whenever we're kind - We are no longer following THE FATHER'S WAY or seeking His guidance from day to day - For, without "crosses to carry" and "burdens to bear", we dance through a life that is frothy and fair - And "chasing the rainbow" we have no desire for "roads that are rough" and "realms that are higher" - So spare me no heartache or sorrow, dear Lord - For the heart that is hurt reaps the richest reward, - and God enters the heart that is broken with sorrow - As He opens the door to a - BRIGHTER TOMORROW, For only through tears can we recognize The suffering that lies in another's eyes---


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