Belching, Causes And How To Avoid Them
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The belching is a disorder that affects many people regardless of sex or age. Specifically occur when the gases are accumulated in the stomach suddenly expelled out, these have the feature to be both sound and silent.

The most common causes that cause is to eat quickly, and particularly excessive drinking carbonated drinks or any illness such as stomach gastritis. However, there are many natural tips that everyone can put into practice to combat belching.


Possible causes of belching

In general, most doctors treat like indigestion and usually associated with indigestion or poor digestion. In general the factors that tend to influence:

? Eat a lot, fast and barely chew or spit. Digestion becomes very heavy, slow and can cause gas and belching. ? Eating too late or very fatty foods can also aggravate or cause belching. ? Drinking too much fluid or carbonated beverages also works to worsen the tendency to eructation. ? Diseases such as gastritis, hiatal hernia and duodenal ulcer often cause gas and belching. ? General anxiety and stress is also one of the main factors affecting our digestive processes and an indirect cause of both gases and belching.

Some natural tips to combat belching:

? Avoid constipation. ? Eat slowly and chew a lot of food. ? Conduct a healthy, balanced diet and nutritious. ? Practicing herbal medicine and / or medicinal plants are recommended blossom and passionflower. ? Enter as many fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut water. ? Practicing yoga and / or relaxation techniques. ? Drink infusions of ginger daily.

Remedies against belching

Burping is a coordinated muscle activity that seems simple but complex way the body performs. If it is something completely natural, some people suffer from an excess of them, which becomes quite annoying. Here we suggest some things to not burp too much.

Popular burps are just a natural reflection of the body, working in concert, to expel the buildup of gases produced in the stomach. The issue is that some people have excess of them, why should change some habits and also eliminate some foods to avoid this problem.

Those items that have a grain or belching often lead easily. Is that they have hard to digest starches and complicate the situation. Lentils and beans are one of them. Is best avoided if you bring complications.

It is essential to eat neatly. Those who sit at the table and eat everything at once can not help but suffer severe and repeated belching. For this reason, chew well, eat slowly and avoid heavy meals will be crucial in this regard.

If your problem is easily repeat a meal you've eaten, it is best to cut them. The most traditional are garlic and onions raw, it burps taste always generate consistent and repetitive. Very spicy dishes.

It is always recommended some good tea with digestive herbs to avoid excessive belching. It causes that are often closely related and will help your stomach work better.

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