Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Natural Treatments And Natural Home Remedies
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The prostate is a male gland that secretes the fluid (a part of the semen) which carries sperm from the testicles during ejaculation. The prostate is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds the first inch of the urethra (the tube through which urine and sperm exit the body).

Typically, the prostate gland starts to make bigger after middle age. When the prostate becomes enlarged, the condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or benign prostatic hypertrophy.

That obstruction may be the cause for your symptoms. As the prostate grows and grows, that growth puts pressure on the urethra, resulting in hesitancy urinating, a slowdown of the urine stream, the urgent or overly recurrent need to urinate and the aforementioned dribbling.

It may also result in urine retention, which weaken bladder muscle and boost your risks of developing either UTI's (urinary tract infections) or kidney stones. In certain severe cases of BPH, urine can also back up into and thereby cause damage to the kidneys or prevent a patient from urinating at all, a situation that require instant medical attention.

Causes of BPH: -

Changes in hormone balance that really occur when a man is in his 40's seem to be the pre-dominant reason of benign prostatic hyperplasia. With age, testosterone levels decrease, whereas other hormone levels rise. This results in the enlargement of the gland and resulting tightening of the urethra within the gland. Other causes of BPH comprise neoplasm, arteriosclerosis, irritation, and metabolic or nutritional disturbances.

Symptoms of BPH include:

Obstructive symptoms:

  1. Hesitancy in initiating void (trouble getting started)

  2. Weak urinary stream, prolonged voiding

  3. Post-voiding dribbling (mild incontinence)

  4. Sensation of incomplete emptying

  5. Nocturia (night time urination)

  6. Overflow incontinence

  7. Acute urinary retention (very painful condition)

Irritative symptoms:

  1. Dysuria (discomfort in urination)

  2. Frequency

  3. Urgency

Herbal Remedies for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: -

  1. The healing garden offers some remedies for BPH. Tea, tincture, or capsules of hydrangea root or horsetail are often used to reduce the irritation of the prostate gland. Nettle root tincture or capsules are too useful.

  2. According to, saw palmetto is the best treatment for BPH, chiefly in the long-term. It reduces irritation, Ache and evils related to urination, but it should be used for at least six to 12 months for best results.

  3. Saw palmetto, an extremely beneficial and well-studied herb, provides great therapy for the enlarged prostate. In fact, one study showed important development in 45 days with merely mild or no side effects.

  4. Many doctors advocate that patients with BPH take increased amounts of zinc to combat the condition, as it is chiefly effective at plummeting enlargement.

  5. Ural - BPH Capsule is a completely herbal non-hormonal ayurvedic medicine that treats BPH by plummeting prostate weight. It improves the urinary flow rate as plummeting post-void residual urine. Ural - BPH Capsule also inhibits the prostatic stromal propagation.

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