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Every couple wishes for utmost enjoyment in sexual union. Physical attraction and satisfaction is vital to such involvement. Sexual experience links partners intimately, and it is a way to give an outlet to the most intimate affections for each other. The rising emotions during sexual experience transcend the periphery of mere physical union, and strengthen the emotional bond between couples. Therefore both partners desire for pleasure in their lovemaking. Love-making is pleasurable when the man experiences powerful orgasm, erection and optimum ejaculation in the climactic stage. In that way he gives much sexual satisfaction to his female partner.

But the reality is grim for many couples. Many men fail to achieve proper and firm erections and some are even unable to sustain erection for the time span needed for sexual union and climax. This is a male sexual dysfunction, also often known as erectile dysfunction (ED). Persistent erectile dysfunction can ruin a relationship, and also shatter the male psychologically for he would come to feel that his manhood or manliness is at stake.

A normal male achieves erection as soon as he is sexually aroused. His erection is hard enough and remains hard throughout the sexual act. But the males suffering from erectile dysfunction have problem with achieving erection. Before understanding erectile dysfunction, we must know how erection happens. When arousal takes place, the brain receives stimulus and transmits it to the male organ. The male sex organ is composed of spongy tissues and is placed in a muscular pocket called corpus cavernosa. The corpus cavernosa in turn lies within another chamber called tunica albuginea.

When a man gets in to moods, the corpus cavernosa relaxes, dilating thereby the spongy tissues which get filled with blood. As a result the male organ expands and increases in volume and erection in achieved. When arousal is lost, erection is lost too and the male sex organ becomes flaccid.

There are multiple causes of erectile dysfunction. The causes may be listed as follows: nervousness before sexual act or sexual trauma, drop in testosterone levels or other hormonal imbalances, aging of body, any surgery in the groin area that may weaken nerve endings and make them unfit for transmitting impulses to the male sex organ, intake of therapeutic drugs like antidepressants, appetite suppressants, tranquilizers, antihistamines etc, alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, diseases like diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis etc.

Emancipation from weak erection problems is possible with the help of many products directed to make every sexual encounter memorable. VigRX Oil is one of the best products enabling a man to achieve stone hard and long lasting erections.

The application of the oil produces instant effect. A man would get erections within 30-90 seconds after application of VigRX oil. It is topical application oil and to begin with, one should apply small quantity of oil and gradually increase the amount according to need. The oil is made up of natural ingredients and is thus safe and affordable. The oil makes use of Transdermal technology with the help of which it penetrates instantly through the skin of the male sex organ and vitalizes it, giving firm erections that last for prolonged periods and increasing tissue engorgement in the organ. The oil is non-greasy, aqua-based and condom compatible.

The ingredients of VigRX oil are purely natural. The oil is made up L-Arginine, Hawthorn berry extracts, apricot kernel oil, Aloe Vera gel, cuscuta seed exctracts, Ginkgo Biloba, Korean Red Ginseng, olive squalene, catuaba bark extracts, Muira Pauma etc. These ingredients create an indulging oiliness and act as lubricant. Rubbing little amount of the oil on the male organ would boost up the release of testosterone hormone, increase sexual stamina, tone up sexual glands, improve overall blood circulation, thereby increasing blood flow to the sex organ and retention of blood in the organ until the completion of the sexual act. Thus VigRX oil is undoubtedly the best erection oil available in market these days.

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