Best Freeware To Convert Audio/video/youtube/image/document
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There are numerous tools available which you can free download in order to convert your audio, video, image or documents to some other format. Here I'd like to share some of them below:

  1. Clone2Go Video Converter Free

The detailed info about Clone2Go Video Converter Free is available here.

  1. Clone2Go Audio Converter Free

  2. Extract the unprotected sound tracks easily from video clips such as AVI, WMV and MPEG
  3. Convert the audio to different formats such as WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3 and AAC
  4. Extract sound tracks from videos at high speed with satisfactory quality of output audio files - Multi-select files for batch conversion
  5. Customize output video frame size (From the web)

To convert your media online and receive it on your mail the following four are the best services that I tried testing:

  1. ZamZar

  2. Supports compressed archives .zip, .rar, .tar, .tgz etc
  3. All popular video, audio and image formats along with documents including .docx, .xlsx etc. - Also supports downloading of videos into some other format directly from a website. You’ll receive the converted videos in your emails.
  4. Allows you to manage your files with its own File Manager tool but you need to sign up for it.

  5. Media-Convert

  6. Recipient of 2006 Web user award.
  7. Supports docs, pdf, open office, Microsoft documents and all popular formats.
  8. Archives – rar, zip, tar etc
  9. Videos – mp4, mpg, avi, wmv etc along with video presets for Windows, Mac, Linux, Nokia phones, ipod, iphones, Sony PSP, Wii, Zune and mp4 players.
  10. Almost all popular image formats are supported.
  11. Option to split media files.
  12. 150 MB allowable size for any media.
  13. Also lists the format supported on most popular phones of the world.

  14. YouConvertIt

  15. Excellent Web 2.0 interface.
  16. Sends you the converted files in your mail.
  17. Option to download video from Youtube, Google Videos and Metacafe directly as .flv or to convert them in a different file format and mail them to you.
  18. Supports documents doc, xls, ppt etc but doesn’t support docx,xlsx
  19. All popular audio formats are supported

  20. MediaConverter

  21. Supports only common files including 3gp, avi, flv, mp4, mp3, wmv, wav, ogg, pdf, doc, xls, ppt and few more files.
  22. Allows you to directly convert files from portals like Youtube, metacafe,, into various video formats and you can download them instantly after the conversion.
  23. Allows you to change the bitrate of audio and videos and customizing codecs etc.


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  • terry007 10 years ago

    iPod recognizes MP4 format, so you just need a converter that will go from DVD to MP4, and then drag the MP4 files to your iPod with the sync of iTunes Library. Below is the step by step tutorial showing how to put DVD movies, video files and online YouTube video to Apple iPod Nano:

    It also applies to iPod touch and iPod classic.