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The survey was carried out on Australian fertility clinic for treatment in Sydney and it has cooperated with 118 male fertility problems. After seven days of daily ejaculation was at 80 percent of men showed that damage DNA material in the sperm dropped by 12 percent. Sperm are also becoming more active, and more flexible. Although there was also a sharp decline in the number of sperm - from 180 to 70 million - men were still within the normal framework of fertility.


The definition of premature ejaculation

It is difficult to set general criteria by which to evaluate the "normal" time to the estuary. In order to set the standards, introduced new concepts such as IELT (the time between penetration and ejaculation, or the number of shocks between penetration and ejaculation).

Latest definition of the WHO (World Health Organization) says that the premature mouth is when it is achieved with no or minimal prior stimulation or immediately after penetration and yarn as the man wanted, while the mouth has no or minimal control hot no and this disrupts the affected or partner.

Infertility is a difficult test for couples who may be due to prolonged treatment leads

to frustration and depressive periods. Problems with conception the baby can have healthy, fertile couples. What to do in this case? Here are some tips to help you maybe in a natural way to increase their fertility. Although listed methods are not medically proven, it was a good deal for them, experts advise.

Giving up smoking

Smoking is waived by both partners. Research has shown that male smokers are 17 percent fewer sperm than non-smokers. Smoking not only reduces their numbers, but also the quality. Also, smoking is also harmful to women because it would inhibit fertilization, intensive smoking can lead to complete infertility. In the treatment of infertility should smokers take more drugs than non-smokers? Smoker for many years? Do not worry, studies have shown that men who stop smoking, sperm count increased by eight percent.

Are you stressed out?

One of the major factors that adversely affect fertility, it is also stress. Although the period when the couple wants to conceive a child can be very stressful, it is important to win a method of relaxation and experiencing a romantic conception of experience and not something you do. Many studies show that the learned methods for managing stress increase fertility.

It is also important nutrition

Research has shown that as much as 79 percent of infertile couples not consumed healthy. It is important that we absorb a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C and E will also affect the sperm count and their activity. But be on the enjoyment of fruits and vegetables carefully - has been shown to reduce fertility and pesticides. When women are a common cause of infertility excess pounds - in this case, fertility may increase if you lose about five percent of body weight. Experts advise against eating seafood, especially those with large amounts of mercury, as they negatively affect the quality of sperm.

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