Best Natural Hair Loss Solutions
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The most common form of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia (also known as androgenetic alopecia.) In males, this condition is known as male-pattern baldness because there is a well-defined pattern of lost hair -- over time the hairline recedes forming the "M" shape. Hair does not only recede but also becomes thinner, often progressing to total baldness.

Below are some of the natural hair loss solutions – 1. Wash your hair at least three times a week. It is a myth that frequent washing can harm your hair. Avoid shampoos and soaps that contain chemicals. Use only natural shampoos to wash the hair. You can make yourself these by mixing amla, shikakai and reetha at home. 2. Oil and massage your hair at least three times a week to stop hair fall. You can use coconut oil, mustard oil, amla oil, mahabhringraj oil or arnica oil for better results. Don’t change your hair oil quite often. Try to use the same oil. One of the effective natural hair loss solutions. 3. Maintain regular bowel movement. This helps in reducing hair loss. Take triphla powder to cure constipation. 4. Add more green leafy vegetables, salad, milk, soybean, yeast and fruit to your diet for healthy hair.

  1. Mix bhringraj, corals, amla, iron and black sesame seeds. Take this regularly for healthy hair. It also stops graying of hair. One of the popular natural hair loss solution.
  2. To stop hair fall, rub your scalp dynamically after washing the hair. It not only activates sebaceous glands but also increases the blood circulation.
  3. Mix few drops of lime juice to coconut oil and apply on the scalp to stop hair loss.
  4. Juice of green coriander leaves is also found to be quite beneficial natural hair loss solution.
  5. Make the paste of lemon seeds and black pepper. It works as miracle solution for hair fall and bald patches. One of the best natural hair loss solutions.
  6. Cleansing is most important. It removes dirt and prevents hair loss conditions.
  7. Apply henna, aloe vera or homemade conditioners to make hair healthy and strong.
  8. After massage / oiling, hang your head upside down. It increases blood circulation to the scalp. Hence reduces hair fall.
  9. Don’t brush your hair too much because it can damage hair by leading split ends and hair breakage.
  10. Don’t share your combs, brushes and other hair care tools because it can transfer lice and other infections.
  11. Rub onion juice to the scalp and leave for almost half an hour. After that shampoo your hair.
  12. Massage your scalp with garlic juice before washing your hair with shampoo. It is quite good for stopping hair loss.


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