Best Natural Insomnia Remedies - Treatment Of Sleeplessness
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Insomnia, condition of staying asleep is one among the main causes leading way to dangerous health problems. Stress, psychiatric problems, medication and use of tobacco products are some of the causes for the occurrence of insomnia. If not taken seriously in earlier stages of life, insomnia may give rise to psychic complaints like depression and physical complaints like headache and tiredness.

Today, lots of sleep disorder treatments are available for curing insomnia problems. Prolonged use of certain sleeping aid drugs may effect negatively on patients causing strong side effects. Choosing natural remedial measures for the treatment of insomnia is the best way for minimizing the side effects due to the intake of sleeping aid supplements.

Kava kava is one of the best natural insomnia remedies used for the treatment of sleeplessness issues. Root part of this tall shrub is mainly used for the treatment of insomnia. Intake of kava kava drink as a diet supplement helps in inducing fast asleep. Intake of kava kava calms down nerve cells and plays a major role in anxiety and stress relief treatment.

It is advised to intake kava kava only under the guidance of a doctor because over dosage of this medicine may impact negatively on insomnia patients causing liver damage. Intake of magnesium rich foods is another best natural insomnia remedies commonly suggested by health practitioners. Green leafy vegetables, whole grain food products, brewer's yeast, cashew nuts, legumes and seeds are some of the food items rich in magnesium level concentration.

Chamomile, an effective anti-anxiety and anti-stress drug is a best natural remedy used for insomnia problems. Today, chamomile is easily available in the market as tea powders, and sachets. Dried flowers and leaves of chamomile plant are used for the preparation of medicinal products. Chamomile acts as a powerful medicine for relieving stress and tension. It is recommended to drink a cup of chamomile tea thirty minutes before going to bed for better results.

You can easily make a cup of chamomile tea by adding lemon, honey and chamomile tea powder to a cup of hot water. Lemon balm is another best suggested natural insomnia remedial measure by physicians. This herbaceous perennial herb is well known for sedative action promoting fast asleep. Fresh and dried leaves of lemon balm are commonly used for the preparation of medicinal products. Relieving pain, reducing anxiety and stress level are other benefits in using lemon balm as a best natural insomnia remedy.

Valerian is one among the best known natural insomnia remedies recommended by doctors. It is advised to intake valerian thirty minutes before bed time. Over intake of valerian products may sometimes induce certain side effects like headache, palpitations and dizziness. Melatonin is another famous natural insomnia remedy prescribed for curing sleeplessness issues.

This natural hormone produced by the pineal gland of brain is today commonly available in market in the form of pills. Intake of melatonin under the guidance of a doctor helps in relieving anxiety, stress and pain. Hops, passion flower and ashwagandha are other best natural insomnia remedies used for sleeplessness troubles.

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