Best Telugu Movies 2009
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Best Telugu Movies 2009

2009 would leave the Telugu film industry with mixed feelings. While there are blockbusters like Magadheera there are others like the recently released Saleem movie which bit the dust despite being released with much hype. A look into the top films

1) Magadheera

The top position obviously goes to Magadheera. It has broken all the previous records in the South Indian film industries. It has already collected more than 100 crores barring the satellite and other rights.

Magadheera is directed by S.S. Rajamouli and produced by Allu Aravind. Ram Charan Teja plays the lead role along with Kajal Aggarwal while actors Srihari and Dev Gill play other prominent roles. Filming started in February 2007 and because of various delays, was released theatrically worldwide on 31 July 2009 in 1200 screens. Magadheera is the highest budgeted Telugu film ever taken with a budget of INR 450,000,000. With a gross collection exceeding Rs 100 crores, With a gross collection exceeding Rs 100 crores, Magadheera has the second highest gross collections in India,behind Ghajini and the highest for a south Indian movie. Following the film's success, the film will be dubbed into Tamil as Maaveeran, which is slated to release in January 2010.

2) Arundhati

When Kodi Ramakrishna was given the reins of the direction if the film many people had questions regarding his ability as he last few films were utter flops. However it sprang as a surprise and went on to become a runaway hit.

Mind-boggling special effects -- quite amazing by Telugu cinema standards -- by Rahul Nambiar and his team, good art direction and wonderful camera work by Senthil and of course a well-conceived script and screenplay by Shyam Prasad Reddy and his Mallemalla Production team, and some fine acting by Anushka, Sonu Sood and Sayaji Shinde made Arundhati a runaway success.


A story of a guy who gets a kick from robbing the rich and giving the booty to the needy, Kick, which released in May, was one of the hits of the year.

A light-hearted film, it had nothing much in terms of substance though Ravi Teja's comedy, a superbly-toned and hot Ileana (particularly in the opening sequence) and a smart Shaam (who makes his debut in Telugu cinema) gave it the necessary punch. But it went on to achieve success.

4) Banam

Banam is a sensible movie. Niche audiences who like films with different approach and offbeat stories can like it. Although it starts off pretty promisingly and sets you up rather well, it fails to continue the same till the end. Debutant director Chaitanya should be commended for treading off the beaten track in narrating the movie and in selecting the story. Despite snail pace of the movie, first half arrests you and intrigues you. The director has tried to bring certain stylized depiction of heroism and scenes.

Nara Rohith, son of former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s brother, makes a very confident debut. He has good looks and his subtle acting (is it deliberate) is very impressive. At a time, all star sons and newcomers are debuting with a commercial film; Nara Rohith should be commended for choosing this offbeat film. Like Abhay Deol in Bollywood, he can be good choice for certain roles. He looks promising. Dialogue delivery is his strength.

5) Arya 2

Allu Arjun's Arya 2 has already collected around 20 crores from its two week run. But the Telangana and the Andhra movements has taken a heavy toll on it and if things do not get clear then it may pass out with just moderate success.

Arya 2 is directed by Sukumar, and is a follow-up to the actor's and the director's previous successful film, Arya. Stylish star Allu Arjun plays the lead role, with Kajal Aggarwal and Shraddha Das playing the heroine. Kajal Agarwal is the female lead of the film. Sukumar, who directed the original is directing this movie too. Navdeep and Shraddha Das are doing supporting roles in this film. Music of the film is by Devi Sri Prasad. V Aditya Babu and Bhogavalli Prasad are combinely producing the film on Aditya Arts banner

Though the film had a moderate success, it is critically acclaimed in being neutral to both the police and the naxal movement.

Other films which which were released in 2009 didn't do well including the recently released Saleem and Katha movie which were met with empty crowds. Incidentally no film of NTR, Pavan Kalyan or Mahesh Babu were released in 2009 though NTR's Adurs is slated for release this Christmas.



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