Best Visiting Spots In Ooty
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Ooty is the picturesque hill station situated in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu nevertheless is known for its striking greenery in the whole India. Ooty has been awarded as 'Queen of hill stations' by our prior Chief Minister of India Pandit Shree Jawaharlal Nehru. Ooty is located at near about 2500 Mtrs above the normal seal level. Beautiful eye catching green gardens, mountain rails and precious natural greenery hypnotizes your heart and mind.

Expensive tea estates on Nilgiri mountain slopes spellbind your eyes and whittle your heart with a tremendous experience. Beautiful Ooty lakes and Nilgiri garden emerges as an extraordinary bliss. Botanical garden, Ooty Lake, Dodabetta Peak, Lambs Rock, and Kodanadus view point are some of the visitor's darling in Ooty.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake's main attractions are boat houses, Paddle boats and motor boats. It is an unevenly L shaped lake which has startling view. Surprisingly, it is not naturally made lake but a manmade lake which was constructed in 1820s. Lake construction was not intended for a lake but prior intention to dig was to make an irrigation tank. Due to its large geography it was later on used as a tourist's leisure activity centre. Children get the joyful experience by having a ride in Toy train which takes a whole round of a Lake from lake's corner.

Dodabetta Peak

As its name suggests it is the highest peak point in Ooty. It is nearly at the height of 2600 Mtrs. There is a telescope house located where tourists come and enjoy the sightseeing. Being the highest peak, Dodabetta has a fortune to be foggy for maximum days of a year. If the visors are lucky then they may find a chance to look Mysore from the height at this point.

Lambus Rock

Lambus Rock is a perfect picnic Spot for Nature Lovers. The green carpet of large Tea gardens covering mountain slopes is a remarkable view. Each and every crook of the Lambus Rock is picture perfect view to click in camera and store for the everlasting memories.

Kodanadus view point

Kodanadus view point in Ooty is the best point to view nature and its beauty so closely. Nigiri Mountains and very rarely seen Nilgiri trees are the most mark able views. No one can miss to have look at its Science beauty.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical garden in Ooty is the one of the rarely seen beauty's home place. Rarely seen trees, plants and flowers can be viewed in Botanical Garden. In the month of May Botanical Garden's beauty emerges heavenly. It is a must watch experience to view and visit these place in the summer when all flowers and trees are fully developed.

Ooty is well connected by road and rail way. Of you chose to fly then the nearest Air port is Coimbatore which is 88 Kms far away from Ooty. Travelling by road is also an amazing idea because of best provided transportation facilities in Tamilnadu. Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore stations are the very next connection points to Ooty.

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