Bhopal - Chilling In Central India
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Bhopal is a city that has a lot to offer to tourists in the line of accommodation options. The city of Bhopal is essentially a very diverse city that has a perfect blend of the old and the new, and this can be seen in its hotels as well. While staying in one of Bhopal’s famous hotels, you will be able to naturally feel the old world charm in its rooms, coupled with the new age comfort that is also omnipresent. Bhopal has some very good hotels, and some of these hotels in Bhopal are Jehan Numa Palace, Hotel Savera Inn and The Residency.

The Residency is a very popular name that is synchronous with luxury everywhere, and opting for a room in The Residency can be an ideal thing for you to do. When you opt for a room at the Residency, you basically ensure that the rest of your stay will be spent being pampered by its chefs, its workers and staff.

The Residency hotel in Bhopal is also located in a strategic center, as the hotel lies near the Bhopal Railway Station and the other main transport offices. Travelling to other cities and nearby interesting towns and villages will not be a problem then, and travelling through the cityscape will also be easier this way.

You can opt for the executive suite while staying in the Residency, as these rooms are equipped fully with state of the art technology and a huge LCD television screen. These rooms are also provided with very good Wi-Fi connectivity, and internet connectivity in this suite is present all week long without a break.

Businessmen and corporate players will find this suite to be very accommodative, due to the various amenities provided, like laptop fit safes, smart key cards for locks and conference services. Rooms will also be available in the hotel for meetings and other conferences, and you can easily hold your business discussions here.

The food in Bhopal hotels and luxury resorts will also be classy, with a wide variety of cuisines provided in these hotels. You can opt for any kind of cuisine you prefer, and all these services will be provided to you within rates ranging from around 6000 INR to 8000 INR.

Cuisines provided will range from Indian cuisine to other internationally renown varities of food. These cuisines will only be available in high end luxury hotels.

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